Zoltan Bathory Deserves Praise For His Charity Work For Down Syndrome Kids

As someone that grew up closely with a relative that was born with Downs Syndrome, I can honestly say that the purest love (outside of God’s) that I’ve ever received was from my great-cousin Rita Escalante. She never fully developed an ability to speak, nor read or write, but she communicated amazingly well nonetheless. She had “nicknames: for everyone in the family because she couldn’t pronounce our names, and her name for me was Fuyito, which was her attempt at trying to say Carlitos.

Man, I miss her dearly. I look forward to crossing paths with her again in Heaven.

You all probably know who Zoltan is, the guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch, so no intro needed. I wanted to give the dude praise for his work with the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida.

I can’t express enough how grateful I am to see a famous Metalhead doing this for these very special people. And I’m not even a FFDP fan, but this kind of compassionate work needs to be recognized, praised, and encouraged.

So thank you Zoltan for your hard work on behalf of not just these special kids, but of us as well. Because an example like this will inspire us to seek our own path to express that empathetic compassion that all men and women of good character have.

— Carlos The Mexican King Of All Metal