When did Randy Blythe become a politically correct social justice warrior?

Randy Blythe

Few things in life are more annoying than a musician (I use that term loosely with Blythe, who’s one of metal’s worst vocalists) that makes politically commentary and shows his stupidity in the process. As if social matters and politics aren’t divisive enough, you get metalheads that come out as socialist progressives to make things even worse.

Here’s his idiotic take on the Confederate flag (aka the flag of Northern Virginia aka The Battle Flag) issue:

“I am so glad it got taken down from the South Carolina capitol. And I’m probably going to get shot the next time I’m in Charleston, but I don’t give a f***.”

So right off the bat he could give a crap about the southern tradition that revolves around the flag for millions of southerners, and their relatives being honored who died during the Civil War. Talking about pissing on a soldiers grave. Thousands upon thousands of the soldiers of The Confederacy that died during the Civil War died not for slavery, but for sovereignty and the right of secession. Not because they were members of the KKK as Blythe tries to make you think. This is pure idiocy in full spectrum mode.

And to make things worse, the dummy contradicts himself:

“I don’t believe in censorship in America.”

Dear cookie-monster growler, ummm, yes you do, you state that you do in the second paragraph of the quoted section of your interview. The essence of that paragraph is I don’t believe in censorship except when it offends me. Pathetic.

He even uses the excuse of the most effeminate liberals you can use, that it is “offensive” to people, and therefore must be taken down from any public place. It’s taxpayers for that after all, never mind that good southern folks that want to maintain their heritage pay taxes too. They don’t count of course.

Of course, Metal Injection kisses his a**, read it all here, at the metal site for liberals, Metal Injection. http://www.metalinjection.net/latest-news/lamb-of-gods-randy-blythe-made-a-great-point-about-the-confederate-flag

They try to equate what Blythe said with some similar commentary by Phil Anselmo, the key difference is that Anselmo didn’t seemingly ask for a ban of the flag as Blythe did.

Here’s another instance of Blythe’s liberal/socialist commentary, this time regarding Donald Trump:

“So fuck that guy, and fuck his hair. He has no need to be the president of the United States. Just ’cause you’re rich doesn’t mean you should be president of the United States.”

Yeah, there you go genius, bad hair disqualifies you from holding office. Kidding, there’s more context there but does this idiot not understand that when you bash Trump you’re bashing his supporters who actually think the exact opposite that political genius Blythe does? Yes Randy, we get you shoveled 10 miles through the snow, past houses of evil flying Confederate flags, to get to two jobs that paid minimum wage. That’s why you connect with the regular working folk of America right? It’s not like you’re some rich rockstar now right?

Then again he proceeds to contradict the point he’s trying to make by stating EXACTLY what Trump is doing when he wishes that, “Why don’t they care about the American people instead of whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican. You know what I mean? Let’s deal with some issues.”

Dude needs to stick to butchering the microphone instead of getting suckered into political commentary by smarter reporters than himself. Doofus.

Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/lamb-of-gods-randy-blythe-blasts-donald-trump-fk-that-dude/#uZTY8DfY4fWMuPg4.99