Vindland Guitarist Cami Discusses Vikings, France, and Metal

Metal Mofos’ Isaac Sauers spoke with Vindland guitarist Cami about their current album, band history, and future plans. Get the details below.

French black metal band Vindland released their debut album Hanter Savet in March of this year. If you’re into extreme metal this is an album you don’t want to miss!


Fantastic musicianship stands out all across this album. Even if you don’t enjoy black metal I really think anyone  who likes metal can enjoy Cami’s guitar playing on songs such as “Treuzwelus” and Cami’s personal favorite track on the album, “Skeud Ar Gwez” (referred to in the interview as the last song on the album). The guitar playing is accompanied by the aggressive screams of Romuald and pounding drums of Marc to make for an excellent mix of melodious black metal.

Listen to Cami tell Vindland’s story in the audio player below and get your copy of Hanter Savet now on iTunes or Bandcamp today!

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