Venom Set to Release New Material in 2018

It’s been two years since Venom has released ‘From the Very Depths’, and Conrad Lant has just told Metal Rules that fans can expect another release in 2018. Said ‘Cronos’ in the interview,

We’ve already put three songs together for the EP, which was only delayed because there is a back load of vinyl now. Everybody is buying fucking vinyl, and it’s really hard to get the pressings. The label was doing one, but we couldn’t get in. So, we kind of just put it back a bit. But the EP will get released this year, and then the album gets released in 2018. So, you’ll hear from the EP the direction, about is pretty much where we are now.

Whether you recognize Venom or Venom Inc. as the real deal, this is still good news for fans. (Remember, even Venom Inc. is releasing a record this August).

Expanding on influence and direction, Cronos also said,

The thing is we, as a band, we are evolving the black metal thing. Because, for me, it has to be exciting, it has to be new, it has to be dangerous. It has to stay in motion. It has to make me excited to do it. I couldn’t just do the ‘Welcome To Hell’ night after night; it would be too boring. So, they know I like to be challenged. I need to create new shit, and I like to twist VENOM a lot and cut and pull it. I like to create an album that people kind of go, ‘That wasn’t expected.’”

Here’s to hoping his words are true to form.


Transcription credit, Blabbermouth.

Ben Borcher

Ben Borcher

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