Ugly Caveman Looking Dude Tells Christian Woman Kim Davis To “Go Live In A Cave”



Well, another stupid, incoherent, anti-Christian cookie screamer pops out of the woodwork, and to make it even funnier the dummy looks like an uglier version of the Geico Caveman, yet he’s banishing a Christian lady TO THE CAVES. The irony. But I’ll bet that the Geico Caveman is considerably more intelligent than him. Why? Because Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth wrote a screech filled idiocy I have never quite seen. Check out this incoherent waste of digital space via his Facebook page:

 “Regarding some recent events here are a couple of thoughts.
It’s ok to have whatever superstitious belief you wish, but you have no right to break the law because of it.
If your job or a job you are applying for dictates that you perform a duty that goes against your “religious belief” feel free to hand in your resignation, or feel free to NOT apply for that particular job in the first place.
Your beliefs does not entitle you to oppress or disrespect women. Not even if they hold the same beliefs as you do.
A religious congregation is a business. They should pay taxes just like everybody else.
If your moral code comes from a book written by some desert dwelling, goat herding nomads between 1400 and 2000 years ago, you have no authority on what is morally acceptable in the 21st century. Go live in a cave somewhere.

I ask myself this, God, why was I cursed to deal with such idiocy within the greatest musical community the world has ever known? Of course the answer is clear…Because it’s fun pointing and laughing at the ignorant bigotry of such idiots as the Caveman, oops, I mean Johan.

Somehow, this buffoon came to think himself an expert on Natural Law, with a particular focus on American Constitutional Law, and seems to have adopted the social justice stance of claiming to be the spokesperson for all women everywhere. He’s a feminist with a beard and a beer belly. Dude, stick to gargling with glass into a microphone (I don’t dare call it singing, cause it sure as f*** ain’t that) cause that takes no deep thinking, no insightful meditation, and you can butcher the English language without looking too stupid. And as for becoming an expert in Biblical history, tell us Johan, where did you discover this incredible historical and archaeological “fact” about these “nomads”? Genius…

Stick to the mic dummy, you look less stupid behind it. And Kim Davis, don’t worry, you’ve got nothing to worry about this wanna be viking.


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