Trump Grabs Corey Taylor And Robert Pasbani By The …. #MAGA Trump16


robert-pasbani3Trump, with the support of the people, BEAT. THEM. ALL!

What a ride. To be frank, this was the most amazing political process I’ve ever witnessed. It was beyond epic. It was one man that knew the plight of the common man, connected with them, and they elevated him and carried him to victory. He faced overwhelming obstacles – the media, the Republican establishment, the Democrats, the banksters and Wall Street, George Soros and other megawealthy billionaires and trillionaires (Rothschilds, who control almost all the world’s banks), idiotic liberal-Marxist Metalheads, etc – and with the help of the common man, he won.

Let’s take this time to review (and relish in our glorious victory) a few of the idiotic simpletons in Metal that decided to follow the trend and spit in the face of Metal fans who supported Trump.

Corey Taylor aka The Great White Jalapeno Popper In The Sky
I’ve said many times that this buffoon is one of the stupidest men in Metal. Based on what he’s stated many times in regards to calling Trump supporters racist, it appears his basic philosophy is this – If you don’t agree with me you’re a……..RACIST!!!!!!!!!

What a genius.


Check out what he recently told Rolling Stone Australia:

You’ve been quoted as saying your upcoming book, America 51, will focus on “my batshit crazy” country. Do you think Trump has a chance?
Let’s put it this way – there’s a reason I’m looking at places in your country [to live]. I have faith that come November people will make the right decision. Does that mean that Hillary Clinton is the right decision? No, I’m not saying that. Honestly, I had my horse tied up with Bernie [Sanders]. However, anyone but Trump is better in my fuckin’ opinion, and I think the majority of people know it. I’ve lost some fans over this. I’ve had people come at me on social media and on the radio because of the way I feel and I’m like, what is happening?

It’s time we start a Move Yo Ass Outta Here Corey fund. The only problem with Australia is that when China decides to invade it, he’s fucked. Good luck Corey, besos mi amor!

I decided to study up on the racial makeup of his band. I figured, hey, since this enlightened individual is so deep into racial philosophy and social equality that his band must consist of the imaginary melting pot he likes to sell us on right? I mean, the dude is far advanced beyond this little wetback Mexican in terms of social justice that there’s no way in hell he’s a hypocrite in regards to workplace racial equality…right? So here’s what they look like.


I’m having a hard time finding the Black dude, the Mexican, or the Asian dude in there. Or am I missing something? I’m a genius so clearly I’m not missing a thing.

The dude is a hypocrite.

Now that the election has passed, you see The Great White Jalapeno Popper In The Sky, the ‘I’m beyond Metal’ Corey Taylor going ballistic like the spoiled child that he is.

Before the results, he’s happy as a virgin in a whorehouse cause he stupidly believed the #rigged polls.


I can’t tell you how full of joy I am to see him get wrecked by Trump like this! After he called all of us Deplorables racists, all I can say is FUCK YOU COREY! EAT SOME ASS PUTO!

Apparently Hate Did Win…loser.

On to my favorite bigot ‘journalist’.

Metal Injection’s liberal ‘journalist’ Robert Pasbani, a notorious anti-Christian bigot who tries to get famous by bashing Dave Mustaine, is apparently stunned by the results:

The results were stunning because all polls and predictions ahead of time had Hillary Clinton ahead.

This is a liberal that lives in a bubble. Had he been paying attention to us in the alternative media that were dissecting the polls due to their ridiculous oversamples of Democrat friendly demographics, and then if it was a fair sample they reweighted them make them favor the Democrats, then he would have seen that Trump was ahead all along. But this election exposed the polls once and for all as tools of propaganda.

And Robert “Shrek of Metal” Pasbani totally fucking missed it.

But when you’re this ugly, you miss alot of things.

Robert Pasbani

As a whole, I think Robert Pasbani personifies all that is wrong with Metal media, and the media in general. They live in a progressive Marxists bubble, and think that all Metal should abide by their liberal guidelines or they get no favorable coverage. It’s disgusting and anti-Metal to its core. Thank God there’s me. \m/

More coming on the epic meltdowns of the liberals in Metal, as well as why Trump is great for free speech in Metal.

— Carlos The Mexican King Of All Metal