Trump Era Begins – Metal’s Free Speech Roots Reestablished


So it begins. The most incredible political process in American history culminated today with the inauguration of President Donald J Trump. To say this whole thing has been miraculous would be an understatement. Against all odds, against the unbeatable establishment that controls both political parties, President Trump, through the force of the people that supported him no matter how much the media and their political allies tried to destroy him, won the most epic political battle in history.

It truly was the most inconceivable thing one could imagine just 18 months ago. And to play on a phrase from my favorite movie The Dark Knight, he’s the hero Western Civilization deserves, not the one it needs right now.

We now stand in a new era, a new time, a renewed, reinvigorated, reestablished civilization, and it affects all those who live in the Western World.

And Metal Mofos stood with Trump from the beginning because we recognized what was going on. We recognized the movement and what it represented. And as with Brexit the forgotten man spoke, stood, and fought alongside their messenger – Donald J Trump. And Metal Mofos was a member of the forgotten men, and therefore we won, and all the Metalheads who have a home with us won as well.

But what does this mean for Metal? The answer is quite simple – Free speech is BACK!

The days of Metal publications like Metal Sucks and Metal Injection trying to destroy careers because someone used a word they don’t like or have a position they think is not politically correct are over. Oh, they won’t stop trying, but we are here to counter them and give a platform for the other side. We are building a media organization in Metal that will finally provide balance in the Metal universe.

Yes, we are The Force in Metal.

So the time is now for you to spread the word about us. We are asking you to tell all Metalheads that have a conservative/libertarian mindset to join us in our cause to beat back the social justice warriors in Metal. Together, much like Trump Nation did it, together we can overcome their stranglehold on Metal and give it all back to the people. No more fear of speaking Truth, or having an opinion someone else doesn’t like. It’s time to bring back the days where you could release an album like Speak English Or Die and not have SlothShrek (Robert Pasbani of Metal Injection) or Fatxl Rosenburger (Axl Rosenberg of Metal Sucks) try to destroy you because he thinks you’ve crossed his ideological boundaries. Today we begin the pushback in earnest, led by the example of President Donald J Trump, who took no shit and punched back twice as hard.

We have arrived, you and us together will be unstoppable.

There was a moment during the inauguration, it was right before Trump had to walk out to the podium where the swearing in happens. There was a C-SPAN camera there, which I was watching, and he was standing there, very humble, then he looks into the camera and says “Hello” directly to me and to the people. No other President Elect would’ve done that. And it embodied the whole Trump movement perfectly because he knew who he was speaking to, the people, and you could hear the crowd cheer outside, and that’s how he ran the campaign, directly messaging the people, bypassing the power structure, and gaining massive support. It was an incredible moment and I cheered when it happened because I knew exactly what he was doing. And to him it was both instinctual and intentional.

And that also happens to be how Metal Mofos is working this. Bypassing the Metal power structure of elite Metal media, and taking it straight to the people. YOU are Metal Mofos, and we are simply the messengers to voice YOUR opinions. We don’t want to be part of the Metal establishment, we want to create our own media. Much like Info Wars, Drudge, & Breitbart did, bypassing the elites and taking it to the people.

Metal Mofos stands with you because we ARE you.

Thank you President Donald J Trump for being the messenger of this movement.

Free Speech is BACK!

Godspeed and onward to glory.
— Carlos The Mexican King Of All Metal

Carlos, The God Anointed, Christ Redeemed, Pendejo Purging Mexican King Of All Metal
Carlos, The God Anointed, Christ Redeemed, Pendejo Purging Mexican King Of All Metal

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