Trivium Is Set To Release The Sin And The Sentence On 10/20/17, And I’m STOKED!!!

Hey Matt, unblock Metal Mofos on Twitter, that’s a punk move. Someone of your stature should be able to deal with Metalheads that have a different political opinion than you. Hell, even little Paolo put up with our responses to his leftist tweets. That said, you’re a badass Metalhead musician. — Carlos The Mexican King Of All Metal

Their idiotic SJW politics aside Trivium is simply an exquisite Metal band. It has truly been a pleasure to follow their musical development, starting initially as a Thrash Cookie-Screamo band, they matured in quick manner from their first album Ember To Inferno to their second release Ascendancy. And despite a bad third album they rebounded in epic manner with back to back classics Shogun and In Waves, a must have for any Metalhead’s collection.

As a whole their discography has been a great addition to the Metal genre, and if you haven’t heard any of their stuff I recommend starting with Shogun, which is an absolute masterpiece. It’s my personal fave Metal album of the 2000’s. Trust me, your desire to hear more will grow from there.

So now they’ve arrived with a follow up to 2015’s Silence In The Snow, a good album, different but solid and worthy of your collection. The new album is The Sin And The Sentence, and through a series of videos they’ve been able to explain what they’re trying to accomplish with this release, and what they explain and what we hear, sounds really really good. I’m beyond stoked for it.

Trivium is a band that has truly chased their musical development, in particular their ability to write powerful and emotive songs, and has succeeded. Each album has something to offer, even their subpar ones like The Crusade and Vengeance Falls. Matt Heafy has developed wonderfully as a singer, the best at implementing cookie-screamo with solid clean vocals (that don’t sound like an effeminate emo). Nothing need be said about the instrumental chops of this band, they are highly skilled players, and the addition of drummer Alex Bent, based on the limited amount that we’ve heard, seems to have brought back the classic power drumming Trivium is known for, he’s got the chops for sure.

Below are the videos where they explain what their vision was for the album, and at the bottom the videos for The Heart From Your Hate and the title track The Sin And The Sentence.

Carlos, The God Anointed, Christ Redeemed, Pendejo Purging Mexican King Of All Metal
Carlos, The God Anointed, Christ Redeemed, Pendejo Purging Mexican King Of All Metal

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