Tour Spotlight: I Worship Chaos Tour

I attended the I Worship Chaos tour at Baltimore Soundstage last week, and it was a great night of metal! The tour featured Oni, Exmortus, Abbath, and headliners Children of Bodom.  I love a small venue like the Soundstage in Baltimore.  Not a bad spot in the house to watch the show from.  All the artists put on a great show as well.

I went mainly to see Abbath as I really enjoy the music of his previous band Immortal which he fronted from 1992-2015.  Abbath broke off on his own and released his debut solo album earlier this year. His self titled solo album is one of the best releases of the year in my opinion.  Abbath put on a fantastic show.  He’s an excellent frontman and performer. You could tell he’s been doing this a long time as he is a master of his craft. He played many songs off his solo album and played several Immortal songs as well. I would have liked to have seen him as the headliner of this tour and play a couple more Immortal classics. 

See a video clip from the show of Abbath’s song Winterbane from his performance by clicking the link. I for one would love to see Abbath and his band perform again.

Headliners Children of Bodom were excellent performers as well.  I have to admit I’ve never really listened to this band much, but kudos to those who have and are big fans of the band.  They’re all excellent musicians, and their guitar players can flat out shred. Check out some of their   performance by clicking on the link. I’m not a huge fan of keyboards in metal and Children of Bodom have a lot of keyboard usage in their music.  They’d be better without them.

The band Exmortus totally stole the show.  They tore down the house.  I had never heard of them before I saw them live, and boy have I been missing out! These guys are the new guitar heroes of the 21st century! Even my wife, who I brought to show, was amazed by these guys.  They’re total shredders and their music is so heavy!  Check out a snippet of them performing the song “Death to Tyrants” by clicking the link. Make sure you check out these guys’ music.  It’s killer.


Written by Isaac Sauers




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