Time For Heavy Metal Fans To Embrace The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Why The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Really Does Matter, And Is Relevant Now More Than Ever To Heavy Metal Music. 

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. If you were to mention those words to a Heavy Metal Fan you probably couldn’t repeat what would be told to you in a response. A response that would be justified btw. Along with Progressive Rock, no other genre of music has been ignored, or disrespected more than Heavy Metal. Think about this for a minute. Not counting other bands like AC/DC, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, KISS, RUSH, as a few examples of bands associated with the Metal genre in the HOF, but not actually Metal, only two (that’s right just two) Heavy Metal bands are inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. That would be Black Sabbath, who had to wait years after they were eligible to be inducted, and Metallica who were nominated on the first ballot, and were enshrined in 2009. 

Now almost a decade later a third Heavy Metal Band, the legendary Judas Priest has FINALLY been nominated after years of being eligible. I’ve personally studied every aspect of the HOF for years, and feel that Priest have a 90% chance of getting inducted in December. Now that they are on the ballot there is no way the voting committee can ignore them any longer, and if they are ignorant enough to snub them again now there will be unprecedented Hell to pay for the institution. Just the fact that Metallica (who are more than deserving) got in before Priest proves that the voters on the committee do not know, or even care to educate themselves about the Heavy Metal genre. That being said, we also have to give credit where it’s due. The HOF has now replaced some of the original voters who were ignorant to the genre, and replaced them with new blood. And in the past few years we’ve seen evidence of a shift in a positive direction as bands like Deep Purple, KISS, Cheap Trick, and RUSH, who are all bands associated with the Metal genre, even though they technically aren’t Metal finally being inducted. 

Yet why does any of this even matter ? For many Metal fans when you talk to them about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame they try to push the narrative that it doesn’t matter. But in reality it does matter. The reason it matters is because it’s the only institution that remains relevant for music among the artists. You can criticize the rules, the inductees, and the way it’s ran all you want, yet whenever someone is inducted 90% of the artists show up to get the award. Black Sabbath, And KISS Are Two perfect examples. For years after being snubbed both bands called the HOF irrelevant, yet showed up to get their awards once inducted. So if it is so irrelevant why did they even show up ? KISS now even mentions that they are a Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Band to promote themselves. Go figure. 

 “The Metal God” Rob Halford also spoke in interviews of how truly important the HOF is. As he stated in an interview on Eddie Trunk’s radio show yesterday. “ In music the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame” has the relevance of the Football, and Baseball Hall Of Fames. If other genres of music are going to be constantly celebrated, and praised, then Heavy Metal deserves it too.” He also talked about how there have been times critics have considered Heavy Metal music dead, and the nomination of Priest proves it’s more alive than ever. He urged all Heavy Metal fans to vote to help get them in. (The fan vote is not considered to really help any artist to get inducted, because it counts as only one vote among the committee. That being said though, the artists that have won the fan vote the past five years including RUSH, KISS, Chicago, And Journey, have all been inducted.) 

So as Metal fans we should all vote, (I’ll post the link of where to vote below) and you can vote once a day too for the Priest. I personally don’t think they will need it, but if they were to win the fan vote by large numbers that could definitely help when the committee meets for the ignorant voters who don’t have any idea what Priest is about. And there’s one more thing I predict to happen. Once Priest gets inducted this will finally start a domino effect to get other Metal artists nominated. If Priest gets in, Maiden will definitely be nominated next year, and once again the committee will have no excuse but to induct them too. Also one other point many people don’t know about is that once an artist or band is inducted, they too have a lifetime vote each year. For instance, Paul Stanley of KISS now has a vote. Ritchie Blackmore now has a vote. I guarantee they both will be voting for Priest, and once Priest gets in they will have a vote too, which will mean a much larger presence for Metal music, and more opportunities for other Metal bands to be on the ballots. 

Fans also just need to get used to the fact that the HOF is going to include multiple genres of music like Rap/Hip-Hop, R&B/Soul, Grunge, POP, Country,Alternative, etc, etc. At this point as fans we should just demand that Metal start getting a fair shake by having Metal acts appear on the ballot. And for those who want a Heavy Metal Hall Of Fame, I’m with you 100%. But it would take years to gain relevance. Eddie Trunk, and his buddies just tried to start a Heavy Metal Hall Of Fame late last year called “The Hall Of Heavy Metal History”, and botched it from the start. It’s now a train wreck, and pretty much became forgotten overnight. I doubt it will even get enough financial backing to proceed. So we are left with what we have, which is the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Metal fans need to embrace the HOF this year to help Judas Priest get inducted. Once that happens it will only mean good things to come, and hopefully get more artists/bands in like Maiden, Motörhead, Pantera, Slayer, etc. Just to see K.K. Downing reunite with his band mates one last time should be enough of an excuse to make you want to make it happen. Remember it’s the artists inducted who keep the HOF relevant. As long as musical icons like Chuck Berry, Paul McCartney, Aretha Franklin, Tony Iommi, and many others keep showing up for their awards it will always be a very big deal to anyone inducted. 

Here’s the link to vote :


Jesse Vejar

Jesse Vejar

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