Thy Art Is Murder to Release New Music in 2017

More news out of the metal-label-juggernaut, Nuclear Blast. Australian shredders, Thy Art Is Murder, will release their fourth studio album later in 2017. Excellent news for fans.

Dear Desolation’ will be the band’s reflection of how they view the current state of the globe. And it’s pretty bleak. Axeman Andy Marsh explains the reason behind the title:

“‘Dear Desolation‘ was the easiest way to sum up the new record, and some of the issues we talked about. With lyrics ranging from extinction level events, to mortality’s interaction with morality, ‘Dear Desolation‘ seemed like an appropriate address toward nothingness, a call into the abyss from which we might not hear an answer.” Brutal. More on a release date when it becomes available.

The band headlines a European tour, starting in late September. Check them out if you’re across the pond.

Ben Borcher

Ben Borcher

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Ben Borcher