The Talentless Anti-Christian Bigot Brian Storm Tries To Yet Again Create Controversy Against Christian Dave Mustaine


Is there a more entertaining group of anti-Christian and anti-southern white bigots than the Speech Police Coalition that includes Brian ‘LLuviecita’ Storm, Metal ‘Inyectado’ Injection, and Metal Sucks ‘verga’?

These guys generate more traffic from trying to create controversy against Dave Mustaine and Phil Anselmo than any other clickbait they can possibly manufacture. We normally refer to this as Talentless Puto Syndrome, but for the sake of peace we’ll just say they lack the creativity to generate anything of interest that would enlighten the Metal masses.

Since these idiotas are beholden to whoever pays their checks, they of course never go after their ideological brethren like Corey ‘Puto McVain’ Taylor, Randy ‘Screech’ Blythe, or Chinhooks Draiman. Nope, they want access to them so they kiss some great ass right there. Pure sellouts that claim to be Metal journalists, but as I’ve said before, they are political operatives disguised as Metal journalists.

Anyone spending time on their liberal & bigoted websites needs to rethink their Metal news options. Stick to where REAL free speech is celebrated, allowed, and where they don’t try to destroy your career if you don’t think as these putos do.

It would be sad if these idiots weren’t so dangerous to Metal.

But that’s why we love these guys. True Metalheads can laugh our asses off at these babosos because if not for them Metal Mofos wouldn’t exist. As we grow so will they be continued to be exposed for their bigotry and bias.

Besides, look at that ugly motherfucker Brian ‘Lluviecita’ Storm, and then at my gorgeousness! There’s just no comparison!


If you want to waste your time and make Brian some money go read his made up junk here.

— Carlos The Mexican King Of All Metal