Testament – Brotherhood Of The Snake Review


This…this is what Thrash is all about. Testament’s new release is even better than their great previous release Dark Roots Of The Earth.

There’s no need to go into Testament’s whole history, you should already know it by now. But we can delve a little into their musical journey a bit, and knowing that during the non-Alex Skolnick era they delved into a more Death Metal stylized journey than their Thrash roots. I thought that was a good journey, if not one that tried to follow the 90’s Death Metal underground eruption. Still, it is part of who they are, and not to be dismissed. This experimentation made them who they are now, a reformed Thrash titan that was there from the beginning.

Their latest release continues the excellence of their journey since they decided to reform to a more fundamental Thrash sound for The Formation Of Damnation. This third release since Alex Skolnick’s return is just another addition to a recent musical catalog that by any Thrash standard can only be judged as one of the best in modern Thrash history. It goes to further show that when it comes to Thrash, it’s still the old school that is bringing their A game whereas the younger bands have some ground to make up (*Cough* Havok *cough), but I won’t name any names since I’m not into bridge burning AND I’m a staunch professional…

Testament’s Brotherhood Of The Snake is a different album than their previous release Dark Roots Of The Earth. That album was a broader, more diverse album than this one. Brotherhood is a tighter, more focused, heavier album. And that peasants, is a good thing.

If you’ve heard their initial single Brotherhood Of The Snake then you have a good idea of what you’re in store for. This is a heavy, fast, aggressive Thrash album, but there is enough of the variety we’ve come to expect from Testament that you will not be disappointed in this album. I consider this album a capper for the last three albums released by this true heir of the Big Four. From the pure power of Centuries Of Suffering and The Number Game to the catchy riffing of The Pale King and Stronghold, this album covers enough of what makes a great Thrash record to please all fans. It’s a great listen from beginning to end.

Man, the last two years of Metal have been the best in years. What a great time to be a Metalhead.

7 Pompous Puckered Lips
2 Snotty Nose Flares

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Snotty Nose Flare = .5 point

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