TANKARD Releases 35 Year Anniversary Video

It’s amazing to see these guys still around after 35 years. Check out this video where the band gives a bit of history on their founding, and their early travails in rehearsing and recording. These guys deserve alot of praise for the fact they have stuck it out while so many others chose to call it quits. In typical Tankard comedic fashion they will be releasing their aptly titled “One Foot In The Grave” on June 2, 2017, their 17th studio release.

1. Pay To Pray
2. Arena Of The True Lies
3. Don’t Bullshit Us!
4. One Foot In The Grave
5. Syrian Nightmare
6. Northern Crown (Lament Of The Undead King)
7. Lock`Em Up!
8. The Evil That Men Display
9. Secret Order 1516
10. Sole Grinder