Sunday Recap – Metal Articles You May Have Missed 01/22/2017

Metalheads, what is up!

Here’s a recap of all the articles we had the past week. We take a slightly different approach here at Metal Mofos in regards to how we do content. We are not a site that posts primarily “Breaking News” nor are we a site that does Top 10 lists every day of the fucking week. No, we like to write articles we are passionate about, and we like to make them compelling reads. Breaking news is something we will definitely do at some point, when we can find the right teammate for it, but it can never, and will never, take precedence over the articles we write concerning things outside the breaking news format.

Quality content is our focus, we expect world class articles from ourselves because Metal deserves to be treated with the love and respect that only can be expressed through the quality of our work. And if you pay attention, even my personal articles where I go after SJW’s in Metal have a deeper thought. Pay attention, you’ll begin to understand the points.

So here’s a recap of the previous weeks articles. Excellent reads by great writers who do everything because they WANT to do it, not because they have to.
— Carlos the Mexican king of all Metal

Think Jimi ain’t Metal? Think again. Metal has a specific DNA strand that goes way back to the early pioneers like Jimmy. Read our historian Jesse’s article about this impactful album and man.

Dave’s our newest writer, and he’s got a excellent take on what Volbeat needs to reestablish some of those early Metal roots they founded when they first broke out.

Dave strikes again with an analysis of Vader’s work and their impact on the Extreme Metal sound.

Isaac is our official interviewer and here he chatted with Hravn of Swedish black metal band Rimfrost about their history, 2016 self titled album, and black metal in general.

Carlos (yes, I’m writing about myself in the third person here) primarily works on fighting against Metal’s SJW’s, who are intent on destroying the free speech roots of Metal, and want to create an alternative cuckified LGBT version of our beloved, heterosexual established Heavy Metal. Here he talks about why Donald Trump is helping in reestablishing Metal’s free speech roots.

Jesse’s article on the excellent Def Leppard album Pyromania is another one of his must reads. One thing about Jesse’s articles is that he tells the story behind the album, not just gushes about it. You learn something you never knew when writes on these historic albums.

Kirk goes cuck. Carlos takes on the effeminate Kirk Hammett’s full blown SJW screed on Twitter.

Sean takes on a topic on a deep and long article about Metal’s best female vocalists. It’s not a list of the expected vocalist, but it delves deep into artist some of you might not have heard of.

Isaac interviews Inferion, a Black metal band from Florida. If you can’t yet tell, Isaac has a thing for Black Metal.

Enjoy my fellow Metalheads. Metal Mofos is only just getting started.

Carlos, The God Anointed, Christ Redeemed, Pendejo Purging Mexican King Of All Metal
Carlos, The God Anointed, Christ Redeemed, Pendejo Purging Mexican King Of All Metal

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