Socialist Supporter & Pop Metaller Corey Taylor Thinks He’s Better Than Metal – We Be Servants, He Be god


It doesn’t take long for this dummy to say something stupid does it? Apparently he’s a god among peasantry who is so far beyond what we plebes consider Metal that he’s created a whole new genre!

What an incredible deity this ‘man’ is!

Thank you Corey! You are officially beyond Black Sabbath/Iron Maiden level. Hell, you’re even more impactful than The Beatles!!!

We are but bit players in a music world controlled by the god I call The Great White Jalapeno Popper In The Sky. Let us all bow down before his greatness.

Here’s what Corey (who thinks all Trump supporters are racist and called me backwards for being a Mexican that doesn’t agree with him) said:

I think we’re just kind of our own genre, to be honest. I mean, there’s all these different genres, and then there’s SLIPKNOT, because when you hear us, you immediately know it’s us.”

Damn…he be bad ese!!!

Alright, so all you Metal musicians out there can stop playing NOW! You’ve been surpassed and you’ll never attain the greatness of the Pop Metallers knows as Slipknot.

I say we create a Corey shrine in the form of a Jalapeno Popper, wrap it in Christmas lights, and light it up so the world can see the greatness that is this man. Who’s with me!

Blabbermouth has the story here.

— Carlos the Mexican king of all Metal