Socialist Supporter Corey Taylor Of Pop Metal Band Slipknot Kicks Out Another Fan



Well, well, well. It looks like the Great Jalapeno Popper in the sky, Socialist supporter Corey Taylor, is once again showing what an incredibly tough guy he is. He kicked out another fan that paid good money to watch the Pop Metallers during one of their highly overrated live shows.

Video has emerged, and as you would expect, Corey Taylor (who called me “all kinds of backwards”, because I’m a Mexican that doesn’t hate Trump) makes himself look stupid. Has there ever been a wimpier, scrawnier, pathetic piece of trash that considers himself some kind of tough badass than Corey Taylor?

Way to go tough guy! Way to go!

Here’s Socialist supporter Corey Taylor thinking he’s a badass tough guy.

Here’s where white as snow Corey called me backwards for being a Mexican that isn’t stupid enough to believe Trump’s a racist.

Corey backwards

And professional ass kisser Robert Pasbani (one of Metal’s worst social justice warriors masquerading as a journalist) give him cover on Metal Injection. HA HA HA, so damn predictable. Read it here.
Here’s an article I did on Pasbani.

The Kanye West of Metal continues his idiotic downward trend. Straight puto.

— Carlos the Mexican king of all Metal