Slipknot – Iowa – 25 Days of Christmas – Metal Countdown: Day 10

Metal Mofos’ Isaac Sauers gives us a holiday treat as he counts down 25 days till Christmas with 25  of his favorite must own metal and hard rock albums. Join us daily through December 25th to read the latest entry.

Remember the days when Slipknot was still something new? We hadn’t really been exposed to masked marauders playing metal before.  When Slipknot released their 2nd album Iowa on August 28, 2001 many of the liberal metal media outlets didn’t even exist yet for Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor to spew his liberal nonsensical BS all over us.  Back in these days he was still actually a cool, talented metal vocalist.

This was the first Slipknot album I bought.  What an album for a teenager to own.  Only a teenage could enjoy the talent of these profanity laced disgusting at times lyrics.  For example the first song is titled “People = Shit”, and the opening line to the second song “Disasterpiece” says, ” I want to slit your throat and f**k the wound”.  Oh to be a young teenager again and really enjoy lyrics made to piss off your mom like this and Limp Bizkit.


Ok, enough trash talking about this album. It’s in my top 25 for a reason. The best part about Slipknot is their rhythm section. It’s what really sets them a part from the crowd. It was especially good in this era of Slipknot when drummer Joey Jordison was still in the band (he plays drums on all but their newest album). Shawn Crahan and Chris Fehn round out the rhythm section with their custom percussion contributions to the band. It really gives Slipknot a unique sound.

I actually really enjoy the vocals of Corey Taylor as well. He has good fluctuation between singing and screaming. It helps that he can replicate live what he does in the studio pretty well. I just wish he would stick to being a vocalist in a metal band instead of being a political activist/whiny bitch/pussy when it comes to the rest of life.



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