Scott Ian exhibits religious bigotry, Blabbermouth and don’t call him on it

Im-the-man2Some Metal musicians are completely unaware of their own religious bigotry. Because they are liberal social justice warriors they are always so quick to call out anything they perceive as offensive to somebody somewhere. In the recent past I called out one of those idiots, The Notorious R.O.B.B. aka Robb Flynn, for his absolute hypocrisy when it comes to calling Phil Anselmo a bigot when his whole career has been one that’s been filled with ridicule and mockery of Christians. That’s called bigotry, religious bigotry to be exact.

Notorious R.O.B.B.

Notorious R.O.B.B.

So here comes his partner in crime Scott ‘Mo Money’ Ian jumping into the fray. Now, we suspected this overhyped idiot suffered from the same thing Corey Taylor does, the dreaded psychological deficiency known as Trump Derangement Syndrome, but on this interview it comes out in full force.

Ian said in a previous interview that he found it hard to believe that Donald Trump is running for the highest office in the U.S. Ian told Stay Tuned Interviews: “I look at it this way: if Donald Trump was to become president, then America would actually get what it deserves. It truly would.”

Though he claims to have no skin in the game and to not support any candidate or party, he of course comes out in support of a candidate that happens to belong to the Democrats. Good old Marxist/Communist/Socialist Bernie Sanders.

The only one that has the balls to actually say anything is Bernie Sanders, and he’s actually got the balls to call out the NRA, and he’s got the balls to call out the corporations, and he’s got the balls to call these things out. That’s why he will never win. So I will vote for him — that’s who I will vote for — because he’s the only one that will actually point out things that are wrong in America and he’s not bowing to the corporate fucking dollar or the NRA stronghold that America has become. So I will vote for Bernie Sanders.

You could have NEVER in a TRILLION years, convinced me that Scott Ian would support a Communist…KIDDING! Of course he does! It’s obvious in any interview this idiot does and he’s questioned about politics. Instead of not taking the bait and saying “no comment” he gladly bashes Christian’s and conservatives while all the meanwhile stating he is nothing but a neutral observer…except for his support of a Marxist. Other than that little thing, he’s 100% anti-political.

And speaking of Ian’s Christian bashing.

The Republicans are in the pocket of the hardcore right wing, Christian right, and that’s it. Every soundbite by a Republican is just something that the Christian right wants to hear, and you can’t win on that.

Ooooooooooh! They’ve got JESUS COODIES!!! They must be removed from any influence in culture ASAP! Now, try this, for all you doubters that this is anything less that religious bigotry. Pretend its Phil Anselmo, then replace “Christian” with “Black”. What do you think the liberal Metal media would call it? Bigotry of course. But because he’s bashing Christian’s it’s perfectly acceptable to them.

Now Blabbermouth, or (which conducted the interview, see video below), could have done us all a service and inquired further as to why this guy has a disdain for Christian’s that actually take Christianity serious. But of course they don’t because they agree with him. They (Metal media) want him to speak out on it so that they can report it, and further apply social pressure against other Metalheads who have a differing view than they (Metal media) do. This type of politically correct goading is intended to be used on their massive platforms, this creates the firewall they use against those they disagree with, and also gives the impression that Ian’s view is supported by the majority of “rational” (read “liberal) Metalheads and therefore if you speak against it you’re a bad bad man! But of course their wrong because there are millions that stand on the other side of the issue.

Thankfully we’re building the platform to counter such bigotry and politically correct nonsense. Soon, we’ll be reporting on the Metal reporters that support such bigotry.

You can waste your time on Blabbermouth’s article here. And you can waste your time watching the video below.

— Carlos