Scorpions-Savage Amusement : Most Anticipated Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums Of The 1980s.

Most Anticipated Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums Of The 1980s : 

Artist : Scorpions

Album : Savage Amusement

Released : April 16, 1988

Metal Mofo Album Rating : 4/5 (The Scorps Embracing The Pop/Glam Metal Sound.)  
We all have one. A record that we know isn’t the best work from a certain artist, but because of the times, or memories it’s our favorite. That’s what The Scorpions tenth album “Savage Amusement” is to me. Yes, I know for most people it’s kind of the forgotten record between “Love At First Sting” and “Crazy World”, but that doesn’t mean there are no highlights because there certainly are.
One memory I have of this record was I got it before everyone else in high school from a friend who worked at a record store who received the album a few days before the official release. This meant when I showed up with the new long awaited Scorpions album blasting on my Sony Sports Walkman, it made me the most popular guy in school for one day, haha. It was one of the most anticipated albums of the late 1980s, especially after a four year wait since the classic “Love At First Sting”. Then The Scorps had a huge success with one of the best live albums of the 1980s “World Wide Live”. With the exception of Iron Maiden, by 1988 they were probably the only other band that could go anywhere in the world and sell out concert venues in minutes. 
Rumours had been swirling for years what direction musically the new album was going to go. Originally titled “Don’t Stop At The Top” (which was also the opening track) it was obvious the band wasn’t going to take their new success for granted, especially when almost a decade earlier singer Klaus Meine felt that his career may be over when he lost his voice. A risky surgery would end up restoring it. That being said the band was looking at the success of other bands like Def Leppard, and Bon Jovi, and decided to give their sound more of a pop feel, thinking it would reach a bigger audience. As history proves that wasn’t such a good idea. 
In the end even though it would start off selling very well off of their popularity at first, it was obvious some fans weren’t happy with the new direction. Producer Dieter Dierks would be blamed, and the band would make a conscious effort to return to form with their next album “Crazy World”. As I mentioned before though, that doesn’t mean this record isn’t worth owning. Some of the best Songs the band ever wrote are on this album, especially the two power ballads “Walking On The Edge”, and “Believe In Love”. After all, even an above average album from a band like The Scorps is still better than most others best work. I personally love this album, and know I’m not the only one. 

Tracks : 
Side One : 

Don’t Stop At The Top

Rhythm Of Love

Passion Rules The Game 

Media Overkill 

Walking On The Edge 
Side Two :

We Let It Rock..You Let It Roll

Every Minute Every Day 
Love On The Run

Believe In Love  

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