Scorpions Frontman Klaus Meine At 68 Years Old : 

My Tribute To One Of The Greatest Lead Singer/Frontmen Of All Time Who Turns 68 Years Old This Week. A True German Treasure Klaus Meine :  About two years ago Scorpions Lead Singer/Frontman Klaus Meine attended a Rolling Stones Concert with his good friend Brian Johnson, Lead Singer/Frontman of the band AC/DC. As The Stones played through their set both men were in awe of the their musical hero Mick Jagger. At one point in the show Klaus turned to Brian and Said “can you believe he’s still doing this so well at his age ? The man is 72 years old ! Brian responded, “Hey what about us ? We’re 66, and 67 years old, and we’re still doing it too.” At that a humble Klaus acknowledged that it was pretty remarkable what they had accomplished too. 
Sadly just months later Brian Johnson would have to step down as the lead singer/frontman of AC/DC due to hearing loss. If anyone understands what he’s going through it would be Klaus. Told in the early 1980s that he would have to quit singing and find a new profession, or risk the chance of no longer being able to speak. Even having his beloved band bring in Don Dokken to record vocal tracks for their upcoming album. In the end both his bandmates and fans would learn that you never count Klaus out. He would have two very risky vocal cord surgeries that in the end would make his voice even stronger than it was before. Klaus would then go back into the studio, get rid of Don Dokken’s vocal tracks, and record the now legendary album from the Scorpions known as “Blackout”. From that point on they became one of the few bands that had both the popularity, and the power to play anywhere in the world.  
This week Klaus turns 68 years old, and he’s still going as strong as ever. His voice still has a power and range that many of his peers lost years ago. He’s been on every Scorpions record since their debut “Lonesome Crow” in 1972. Along with Rudolf Schenker, he’s been the anchor in the band all along, even surviving the loss of two legendary guitar players Michael Schenker, and Uli Jon Roth. Even the lyrics he’s written have helped bring change throughout the world on political and social issues. In a business that constantly talks about what’s wrong, Klaus is one example of everything right. He is a legend, yet still a very humble man. And once again the fact that there is an institution that calls itself “The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame” that Klaus and his band isn’t in will continue to remain irrelevant until that omission is fixed. Here’s to you Klaus ! Look forward to you being around for a VERY long time !
Scorpions Essential Albums : 
Lonesome Crow (1972)

Fly To The Rainbow (1974)

In Trance (1975)

Virgin Killer (1976)

Taken By Force (1977)

Tokyo Tapes (1978)

Lovedrive (1979)

Animal Magnetism (1980)

Blackout (1982)

Love At First Sting (1984)

World Wide Live (1985)

Savage Amusement (1988)

Crazy World (1990)

Unbreakable (2004)

Humanity : Hour I (2007)

Sting In The Tail (2010)

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