Scorpions-Blackout : Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums :

Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums :

Artist : The Scorpions

Album : Blackout

Released : March 29, 1982

Metal Mofo Album Rating : 5/5 (Absolute Classic ! )

In a few months Scorpions Fromtman/Lead Singer Klaus Meine will turn 69 years old, and still his voice sounds stronger than ever. That wasn’t the case though in the early 1980s. After years of pushing his vocal cords to the limit he was now starting to have problems not only with his singing, but it even hurt for him to talk. Many Doctors told him that it was time to give up singing in a Rock And Roll band, and to start thinking of doing something different. This obviously caught the rest of the band off guard, especially since they were finally starting to get recognition in America off their last two records Lovedrive, and Animal Magnetism. What made matters worse was that guitar player Rudolf Schenker knew he had just written some of his best new songs of his career, and now it might be all falling apart.  
Things got so bad with Klaus and his voice that the rest of the group truly felt he was finished. They would bring in a new singer from America named Don Dokken to record some demos of the new songs that had been written (tapes of these demos still exist but to this day haven’t been released). As for Klaus he basically had one option, and that was to have a very risky surgery on his vocals cords that if it worked would hopefully bring back his singing voice, but if it failed could’ve taken his ability to speak away. Klaus was, and is a fighter though, and decided that he would have the operation. As history proves it was a huge success. Not only did it bring back his singing voice, but actually he came back stronger with more power and range. This would rejuvenate the band, and they would start recording the vocal tracks with Klaus of what would become known as a Landmark album of the early 1980s. 
Yes Blackout is a celebration of a band (especially a singer) fighting some difficult obstacles to create something great. The record would become a huge success in America with songs like “No One Like You”, “Can’t Live Without You”, “Dynamite”, and the title track becoming huge Rock Radio songs. The album tracks though are just as killer if not better. “Arizona” (just ask people who live in the state how huge this song is to them) to the killer “China White”, the whole band is in such a deep groove, and not surprisingly to many that song is their favorite.  
After this record The Scorps became one of the biggest bands on the planet, and what I mean by that is they could (and basically still can) go anywhere in the world and play. A couple years later “Love At First Sting” would come out, and it seemed as if all their problems were forgotten. In reality though it took some serious guts for Klaus to do what he did, had he not maybe Don Dokken could’ve made the band just as big, but I’m guessing that wouldn’t have been the case. The Scorps had lost two legendary guitar players in their past, but losing their heart and soul Klaus may have been too much to handle. Thank goodness we never had to find out. 
Side One :


Can’t Live Without You

No One Like You

You Give Me All I Need

Side Two :



China White

When The Smoke Is Going Down

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