Science, Sound, and Death. Brutal.

Not an expert on insects? That’s OK, neither am I. All you need to know is that bark beetles are extremely invasive. Destructive, too. They are killing millions of pine trees throughout the Western states and Canadian provinces. The beetles tunnel through the weakened tissue of drought-stressed pine trees. Then the tree dies. Now there’s some lyrical brutality!

Here is where the art of sound comes in. After a decade of research, UC Santa Cruz music professor David Dunn, along with two other forest scientists from Northern Arizona University, have received a patent on a device that can be used as a ‘targeted sonic weapon to disrupt the feeding, communication, reproduction, and various other essential behaviors of the insects.’ Isn’t that also a Fear Factory song? Brutal.

Dunn says,

‘…Using sound to directly affect invertebrate life forms, most particular, bark beetles. Trying to shut down and change their reproductive behaviors, and trying to reduce their populations in numbers…’

Ladies and gentlemen, academia’s Death Metal! Literally. Hammer Smashed Face, meet Nonlinear Chaotic Dynamics.

A unique combination of actual insect recordings coupled with electronically generated sounds can physically disrupt the life-cycle of these bark beetles. Dunn explained that, where it is common for nonlinear chaotic dynamics to be used in sonic pest control, their system is unique because the sounds are always changing. Pests are unable to adapt. Dunn sees a future in which small amps and transducers can be affixed to many trees at a time to receive FM broadcasting of the ‘Death Metal.’ More sound, less beetles, less dead trees.

Dunn says this is just one example of, ‘The role artists can play in conjunction with the sciences.’

Stand aside, Brown Note. There’s a new sheriff in town.

See the February 24th University of California article and content source in its entirety here:

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Ben Borcher

Ben Borcher

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