Satyricon Drummer Frost Tells Us About His Music Career and Gives and Update on New Music

Metal Mofos’ Isaac Sauers recently corresponded with Frost from Satyricon and received some information about his musical history, touring, cuisine, and of course an update on some new Satyricon music.

Metal Mofos: How old were you when you began playing drums? At what point did you start using double bass?
Frost: I got my first kit when I was 15; I started playing double bass almost right away. My only wish and motivation was to play raw, fast and hard, and I certainly had no interest in learning the basics. A rather bad idea, but that was how I thought back then.

MM: How did drums become your instrument of choice? What inspired you to play?
Frost: One might wonder. I didn’t really care much for drums when listening to music, it was the guitar and the guitar sound that was my main concern and focus point. But somehow I was drawn to the physicality of the drums and some weird urge to play rhytms. I guess that I wanted to connect more strongly to music through playing an instrument – just listening wasn’t enough; I wanted a more direct and intense experience.

MM: When were you first introduced or exposed to black metal?
Frost: Must have been in 1983 or ’84 when I heard Venom and Mercyful Fate for the first time.

MM: Do you recall the first time you went to the Helvete record shop? What music did you purchase?
Frost: I recall that very vividly. It made a profound impact on me to enter that place; I felt immensely attracted to the weird, dark and satanic atmosphere of the Helvete shop. I never really became the same afterwards – to me it felt like discovering something of essential importance in my life. I do not remember exactly what I bought that time though – a demo, an Order from Chaos seven inch and a t-shirt, I mean to recall.

MM: You celebrated the 20th anniversary of your ever popular album Nemesis Divina last year by playing the album in its entirety at some shows. What were the responses of fans to those shows, and what do you think makes Nemesis Divina such a special album?
Frost: We experienced a fine combination of excitement and gratitude at those Nemesis anniversary shows; there’s no doubt that Nemesis Divina has a particular place in the hearts of many fans, which became evident in their response when getting to witness the album being performed live 20 years after its release. Nemesis Divina was probably the first Satyricon album to truly showcase the signature conquering spirit of the band, and was an album that spoke loudly and clearly as well as having a unique character musically, spiritually and visually.

MM: What are your top 3 favorite Satyricon songs to perform live?
Frost: It feels quite impossible to have favorite songs to perform. Playing live is all about the momentum, about the spirit, energy and connection you feel with the songs and the audience. Exaltation and ecstacy can happen at any point during the live set, and when it does, nothing can exceed that feeling.

MM: You’ve performed all over the world. Do you have a favorite city or venue to play in?
Frost: No, I don’t, but it’s still true that there are certain places that feels particularly exciting to play. Big cities of the world typically tend to have fantastic crowds according to my experience, be that in New York, Tokyo, Moscow, Buenos Aires or elsewhere. But great crowds and great venues can be found anywhere, and I think that all places have a potential for magnificent experiences.

MM: If you could have people in the United States, such as myself, try some Norwegian cuisine what would it be?
Frost: Well prepared meat of game with freshly picked mushrooms, root vegetables and local herbs can not be wrong. But then one could always go more exotic…fermented trout with traditional garnishing and liquor is a fine regional specialty that you would probably remember.

MM: Satyricon teased us with some videos on Facebook late last year of songs being recorded in the studio. Could you please share some updates on the new music?
Frost: We have now started working on recording the new album, and the recording process will go on over the course of the spring. It is very exciting, diverse and dynamic material, and I am certain that the album will become magnificent.

MM: Besides working on some new songs what else do you have planned for 2017?
Frost: When the album is being released in the fall, it will be followed by tours and festival shows. Check out our FB and other pages to learn more and follow the development.

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