Ronnie James Dio Hologram Set to Make U.S. Debut In 2017

Holograms. We all understand the concept, and we’ve all seen them on television and in our favorite sci-fi films. Now we’ve finally arrived in the day and age where hologram technology has been developed, and has become marketable in the entertainment industry.

Last year at Wacken Open Air festival, Dio Disciples performed with a hologram of the late heavy metal legend Ronnie James Dio, created by Eyellusion. The hologram was a hit, so naturally talks began to take place in regard to future performances with the virtual Dio. Well, it looks like the first of those performances has been set for February 2 in Los Angeles at the 28th Annual Pollstar Awards. Here’s what Eyellusion’s Jeff Pezzuti had to say about the Ronnie James Dio hologram experience.

“I was a huge fan growing up and I thought it would be different and exciting to bring back Ronnie with the live band, making it the first time with that band. The biggest challenge was making it as authentic as possible and making it come to life. It had to be right and it had to be from the heart and it had to really, really resemble and be as if Ronnie was there.”

Last fall, Ronnie’s wife Wendy Dio had this to say.

“If you saw the ‘Sacred Heart’ tour when we had the crystal ball that came down with Ronnie’s head in it, we were trying to create a hologram then. So when [Jeff] approached me and we wrapped our head around it and it took a year to develop with a lot of money, but we thought that this would be good for a lot of people who loved Ronnie and would love to see him again as well as the fans who didn’t get the opportunity to see him.”

This is a brand new technology. They’re still in the process of working the kinks out, but it’s already proving to have the potential to be a huge international success. If companies like Eyellusion can make the hologram experience authentic and as real as possible, then why wouldn’t people want to see their favorite artists performing with a live band after they’ve passed on? Well, some fans are welcoming this new experience, but others are questioning the integrity of this concept. How would the deceased feel about it? Are they really trying to make money off of a legend who has passed away? Is this a disrespect to their memory? These are the types of questions that were bound to come up. Ronnie James Dio is a god in the metal world who was an inspiration to countless fans and artists for decades. How do you feel about this? Would you go see Dio hologram? Let us know in the comments section.




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