Robert Pasbani, Metal Injections SJW. Is he an anti-Christian bigot? Heterophobe? Or Does He Just Have A Crush On Dave Mustaine?

Robert Pasbani, liberal Metal Injection opinion dude

Robert Pasbani, liberal opinion dude, and world renowned anti-Mustaine, anti-Christian, and heterophobic beta male at Metal Injection.

Hey look! As if on cue, Metal Injection posts another anti-Dave Mustaine article based on Mustaine’s normal Christian beliefs about Natural Marriage.

We love Robert Pasbani, and all the liberal, politically correct, social justice warriors at Metal Injection. Why? Because they provide us the prime example of what’s wrong in Metal today – The infestation of so-called journalists with a liberal axe to grind against metalheads that might disagree with them. I’m really looking forward to this. Reporting on “reporters” is much needed in our community. They are never held accountable, but we shall. Yes we shall. Simply by using their own standards on them. 🙂

This is why Metal Mofos is needed.

We are going to have so much fun reporting on Robert Pasbani. He provides an endless amount of material. \m/

Here are a few anti-Mustaine, and by extension, anti-Christian, articles at Metal Injection by liberal metal journalist Robert Pasbani:

God forbid Mustaine use language unapproved by social justice warrior Pasbani:

Pasbani seems to hate the “old man” Mustaine:

Some sweet anti-Christian malice from Robert:

And here’s where I did a search on Mustaine at Metal Injection. It’s dripping in hate Mustaine juice lol:

So yes Metalheads, Metal Mofos is here to counter this juvenile junk. With the focus on the reporter himself. Life is good Metalheads, life if so freaking GOOD! \m/