Robb Flynn aka The Notorious R.O.B.B. To Release Anti-Trump & Anti-Trump Supporters Album

I’ve noticed an odd thing about Robb, he appears to be constantly characterized as some kind of victim. Why? Because he likes to talk smack about anyone that doesn’t agree with his take on world and political affairs and that tends to get negative reactions, and of course we can’t have anyone on the Marxist left be criticized for anything right? Ask Corey Taylor about that, another manchild getting pushback from fans due to his idiotic philosophical beliefs.

In the latest Loudwire article he’s potrayed as a victim due to being “one of Metal’s most outspoken critics”, as if that’s something that should outrage “right thinking” Metalheads. He’s even supposedly gotten death threats, which I guess are supposed to inspire some empathy for one of Metal’s grouchiest bastards.


Now get this take on Trump and his supporters.

In this exclusive interview Flynn speaks about two new songs in particular, one being a folky protest anthem called “Bastards.” The track tells the story of a man sitting down with his sons, explaining to them why “sometimes the bad guys win.” Turns out “Bastards” is based on real conversations Flynn had with his kids the day after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

Yup, he brought his kids into this. If that isn’t a sympathy play I don’t know what is. A classic Cultural Marxist move right there my brethren.

Any chance he gets to piss on Trump supporters, he does it with relish.

Now here’s a snapshot into his weak mind, unable to process anything other than what the mainstream media feeds him. Read this stupidity.

The opening track to Catharsis, “Volatile,” is about as angry as you’ll ever hear Robb Flynn on a song. Beginning with a cry of “Fuck the world!”, Flynn tackles some key moments of 2017 with lyrics like “Sick of the racists” and “Sick of the NRA trying to scare me.”

“The lyrics were written on the same day as Charlottesville,” Flynn reveals. “We watched that video of Heather Heyer getting run over and killed and I was just like, ‘The fuck is going on, man?’ … You just got a snapshot of me pissed off and raw anger and frustration and confusion. White supremacists are marching every two weeks in the U.S. now and it’s pretty fucking insane.”

I might need to change Robb Flynn’s nickname from The Notorious R.O.B.B. to Robby The Grouch, because all this beta orbiter does is complain, complain, complain.

Anybody got a trashcan this pendejo can borrow to live in?

Machine Cabeza’s latest effeminate screed, Catharsis, releases Jan 26, make sure not to buy it.

Anyways, here’s the article with a video of his interview if you want to go waste your time on it.

Notorious R.O.B.B.

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