Revulsed Drummer Jayson Sherlock – Infernally Atrocious Death Metal

Metal Mofos’ Isaac Sauers corresponded with Jayson Sherlock drummer for Australian death metal band Revulsed.  Check out the conversation with him below, and be sure to listen to the brutality of Revulsed’s debut album Infernal Atrocity.

Metal Mofos: What drives you to continue to make music after having been putting out music with various bands for more than a quarter of a century?

Jayson: I guess it’s a part of who I am, an extension of who I am as an artist and a person really. I consider it a hobby, a pretty detailed and involved hobby, but a hobby none the less. I just love music and metal in particular, I find it cathartic and satisfying, and it’s a huge creative outlet for me. Not to mention I get to hang with awesome people like Sheldon, Damien and Mark! Also just because I’m older doesn’t mean I’m not into it anymore, I love metal more right now than I ever have, and I’m only 3 years away from 50! Some people say they grew out of it as they got older, I say they never were TRULY into metal in the first place, for me it’s in the blood. As I’m answering your questions, I’m listening to Wormhole – Genesis, (I try to keep up with as much new music as I can). I mean my rehearsal room looks like a teenagers bedroom!

Metal Mofos: Who are some of your biggest influences in drums and some of your all time favorite bands?

Jayson: This is a really hard question to answer, because there are so many. Biggest influences in drums would be, Sean Reinert, Virgil Donati, Gene Hoglan, Dave Weckl, Simon Phillips and Nicko McBrain. Favourite bands I guess would be of course Death, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, early Bolt Thrower, Aborted, Defeated Sanity, Abominable Putridity, Inveracity, Hooded Menace…etc…

Metal Mofos: What brands of drums and cymbals are you currently using? Has this varied much throughout your career? Do you prefer to have two bass drums or just one bass drum with a double bass pedal? How is drum sound effected from that?

Jayson: Drums are Sonor Sonic Plus 2, and cymbals are all Zildjians. Pedals are Pearl Demon drive doubles and trigger unit is a Roland TD3. I used two bass drums in the early nineties but around 1994-5, I switched to single bass drum with double pedal. I much prefer the single bass drum. It does not effect the drum sound at all as I’m using triggers for the bass drum sounds. Most death metal drummers will tell you they use triggers on the bass drums, mainly to cut through the brutality of the music. Zildjian cymbals have always had the best sound for my playing. I’ve had my Earth ride for almost 20 years, and have never heard a better sounding ride. Also my favourite crash is a 17 inch A Custom Fast Crash, I’ve had that for a few years now too… I find they are very robust and just cut through and sound awesome, love em!

Metal Mofos: How did Revulsed first get started?

Revulsed basically was born from the ashes of inExordium. I won’t go into too much detail here, but inExordium was not in a great place, suffering from an imbalance of passion and effort between the members. Half the band was always ready to kill and the other half, lets say, were less enthusiastic. This carried on for a number of months after the debut album was released, and it was wearing thin. I wanted to voice my concerns and to advise the other guys that I was ready to move onto to bigger and better things. Sheldon was in inExordium at the time, and he had followed my work since early Mortification. He and I were on the same page, musically, spiritually and philosophically. He was not going to stay with the other guys when he and I were so strongly connected. So, basically I advised the guys I was moving on, and Sheldon chose to stay with me, and this was the birthing of Revulsed. I guess as proof of the other guys lack of passion and drive, where is inExordium now? Revulsed is soaring, inExordium is not, sadly.

Metal Mofos: Did you design the cover art for Infernal Atrocity? Is there meaning behind it?

Jayson: Yes, I did invent the concept and basic design of the cover art, but Swedish artist Par Olofsson painted the cover. Par is an extremely prolific and mega talented artist. He has painted some of the best covers of the modern death metal era, Aborted, Spawn of Possession, Abominable Putridity, Immolation, Immortal, The Faceless, Pathology, Abysmal Dawn… etc… He is kind of the modern version of Dan Seagrave. The tree represents all of the filth, evil and corruption in the world manifested in one single entity. The corpses represent mankind and their succumbing to the evil. The ghost spirits are the corpses rising to a new life beyond the grave, and the sunrise represents the new dawn bringing the ultimate destruction of the evil.

Metal Mofos: Could you please tell me about the upcoming release Live Atrocity? When and where was the recording done? What can we expect from the live sound of Revulsed?

Jayson: The recording (and show of course) was at The Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia. Sheldon and myself were a two piece for so long, that when we finally formed a 4 piece band we were determined to play live. It was always the dream to play live. We had organised a good friend of mine to come to the show and make a pro recording for us. Plus another friend recorded the show in HD video and we thought, maybe we should release it. The recording came out great so we thought, lets do it! Another reason we decided to release the live show, is because we are a part time band, with busy family lives, we probably would not have a lot of opportunity to tour extensively like our counterparts, so we wanted to give our supporters the chance to see us live, even if on DVD. Also, releasing a live CD/DVD of our very FIRST show was kinda cool, and I reckon it could be a first, I don’t know of any other band who has done that. The live sound is very frantic and energetic, whereas on the album it’s a bit more relaxed and controlled. It’s very different sounding beast, the live album to the studio album, and the live recording is a bit faster due to the natural energy onstage. We are releasing the ‘Live Atrocity’ thru Brutal Mind from Indonesia. They have been amazing in supporting us, there will be the double disc CD/DVD pack, plus flags, hoodies, t-shirts and long sleeves to support the release. All the brand new artwork is done by Daemorph Evilart Dominion and we are really very happy with his artwork for us. We all are pretty excited about this album!

Metal Mofos: What does newest vocalist Damien bring to the table that sets him apart from vocalists you have worked with in the past?

Jayson: Damien is a beast, we are very proud to have him onboard. It’s an incredible story actually how he came to join the band. I was getting a haircut at the barbershop by his WIFE!! We starting chatting about life and of course metal… turns out she has a husband into metal, who is a death metal vocalist, is available, and lives 5 minutes from me. This was after a couple years of searching and advertising and trying out several potentials. After 2 years of searching and trying to MAKE it happen, I said, God, I’m done trying to do this, I’m gonna let YOU do it. The next day, I was at the barbers, and that was it. We had our man. Unbelievable. NOW tell me there isn’t a God! The Konni story is equally ridiculous, to cut a long story short, I’m a massive Defeated Sanity fan, I was wearing a DS hoodie in a then recent photoshoot, I used a photo from the shoot as my FB picture, Konni saw the picture and commented on it, saying he was a fan of my work from the 90’s, and that he was proud I was wearing his bands hoodie! Then we started chatting, and I told him about Revulsed, and that we still only had the vocals to record for Infernal Atrocity. He asked if he could do it! I fell off my chair. My favourite vocalist from my favourite band was asking if he could perform the vocals for OUR album. I was speechless, and again, this all happened right after I again asked God to take over and do His thing. We were trying and struggling to find a vocalist for the album for a very long time, and then I asked for divine intervention. And BOOM!

Metal Mofos: What are your two favorite Revulsed songs?

Jayson: I guess the first would be “Agonising Putrid Self Infliction”. This is the first Revulsed song we heard Konni’s vocals on. I got pretty emotional when I first heard it, because Defeated Sanitys album Passages into Deformity is one of my all time favourites. So, to have Konni’s vocals on there was pretty much a dream come true. I think the second would be “Enticement to Carnivorous Impoverishment”, because it kinda hides in amongst the songs, and I like that it slides right onto the next song on the album, “Celestial Perspicacity”, yeah, it’s got some cool parts.

Metal Mofos: Can we expect anything else from Revulsed this year? Any touring or new studio recordings?

Apart from the Live album, we are concentrating on writing new material right now. We have no massive touring plans as we all have families. If the opportunity comes up to play a local show here or there that would be cool, but we aren’t going out of our way organise that. It’s at least 18 months of solid song writing coming up. Maybe expect a new studio release around end of 2018.

Check out the lyric video for “Agonising Putrid Self Infliction” below:

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