Rent Veil – A Great Example of What A Mature Metal Band Is All About

1358096641_229649237157674_145111273_nRent Veil is an metal band from Tennessee that plays with something badly missing from heavy metal – A distinct style. Their is alot of emotion and passion to their music, which is one of the things I look for when I’m looking for good metal. The brainchild of Tym Walker, he forges his 12 years of playing death metal with the roots of his upbringing, and it proves to be a deadly combination of killer metal with a more positive message yet using dark language. And guess what? IT WORKS! This is what I call a clear, and mature vision. Here’s what their bio says on Reverbnation:

Trendkilling Southern Metal from Tennessee

Tym Walker-Vocals & Guitar / Chris Wright-Bass / Arlie Shultz III-Drums

The words of Tym Walker, founder, guitarist and vocalist of Rent Veil.
“In the winter of 2007 I was given a vision of what to do with the musical skills I had been blessed with. Taking my 12 year history in death metal and combining it with my southern roots, the vision became Rent Veil.

The past 7 years have seen Rent Veil perform with such acts as Demon Hunter, As I Lay Dying, Impending Doom and many others, The pleasure of playing numerous festivals including Cornerstone Fest, Anvil Music fest and more, were highlights of the seven year history that has included numerous line-up changes and a 3 year sabbatical. Rent Veil also has been through some hard times with record labels that seeing eye to eye with proved difficult.

After a near 3 year hiatus, it has been so great to hook up with two amazing musicians in Arlie Shultz III (drums) and Chris Wright (bass). Things around the Rent Veil camp are rolling again and the machine is running wide open!

Performing anywhere we possibly can and writing new material has been exciting and surreal in some ways as the vision is coming into full view. Our goal is to have our first full length record recorded by the end of 2014 and have it released in very early 2015, if not sooner! I am personally excited with all we have done and all we have ahead of us and the new CD promises to be all I ever thought it would be. The revival is happening and it will soon morph into a full blown revolution!”

The sound is definitely southern metal, and that’s a great thing. The south has been doing a great job of representing metal ever since Pantera laid down the foundation, and though these guys have a different sound and message altogether, they still have that underlying groove that the American south put on the map.  From the groove heavy Where Bones Hang, to the soothing and emotional ballad 5 miles, you get the sense of a band that has walked a long journey to get a  beautiful musical place.

The production is quite good and makes for clarity of each individual instrument. The vocals are strong throughout and have a clean approach (that in light of most of today’s metal is quite refreshing) with a southern tinge to them. On Another Promise you get a great example of it as it goes from acoustic to heavy. Tym Walker sings with passion and emotion. The whole unit is musically very strong, with great musicianship throughout. Chris Wright’s bass lines are clear and heavy and Arlie Shultz III drums are really good as well. And the guitar? Heavy. Need I say more? Seriously though, the tone of the guitar is as good as the rest of the instruments, it does not disappoint. Overall, just damn good production on what was probably not a big budget.

So check them out below. I hope to have an interview as soon as they respond to my request for one. Crank this! \m/