Randy “Screech” Blythe, Marxist Supporter & One Of Metal’s All Time Worst Vocalists Suffers From Trump Derangement Syndrome Part 32,437

Randy Blythe, who during the Presidential election campaign watched in horror as Donald Trump decimated all the leftists he supported, in both political parties, once again can’t help himself and makes some seriously dumb comments on the current state of politics, and on our Emperor Donald J Trump.

YAHOO MUSIC: What do you think about the current political climate in America?

RANDY BLYTHE: I think we’re reaching a critical mass of noise about Trump because every day something new comes up. It’s a… I don’t even know, man. Why does it matter what I think?

He has a moment of sanity on that last part, because it’s true, people don’t care what Randy thinks since he’s clearly ineffective as a political influencer, but of course, the liberal reporter forces something out of him, because after all, the media’s sole existential purpose is to destroy Trump at all levels. Something they will continue to fail at. Screech continues.

Well, you’re well read and politically aware, and you’ve written about social and political issues in the past. Metal fans look up to you and want to know your opinions, because they feel like they relate to you.

Reality has become entirely subjective. That’s why it doesn’t matter what I think. I will say this. Me not voting for Trump and voting for his Democratic opponent was strictly a choice of the lesser of two evils. This is one of the worst, if not the worst, most bizarre, brutal electoral seasons I’ve ever seen. And I think it’s been the craziest in the lifetimes of many people who are way older than me as well, you know? There were d*** jokes in the primaries. They weren’t metaphorically comparing penis size. They were actually doing it. This is what politics is right now. Regarding our Tweeter in Chief, people don’t care about the veracity of his statements. But I think really it’s a matter of kind of waiting for him to be impeached.

That last part is particularly delicious. The one great hope of the media and the left is the fairy tale belief that Trump will somehow be impeached. As if the people will stand for that. This is the liberal bubble in full display.

Here are some of my favorite quotes of the article (linked below).

Of course he’s dangerous.

It would be hilarious to me if it wasn’t also horrifying at the same time.

President Trump sold this fantasy that we’re going to return to the 1950s and be in some sort of idyllic Beaver Cleaver world that was only good for middle-class white Americans in the first place.


The snowflake tears run rampant in the world of liberal-Marxist Metalheads. Check out the whole interview here if you want to waste some time.