Randy Blythe, Dakota Pipeline, And SlothShrek

randyblytherandyblythegoescourtkg_ekujsp9zlMany of you might already know the liberal insanity that infests the space between Randy “Screech” Blythe’s ears, but you might not know that the dummy took part in the Sioux Tribe’s protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, a protest that’s been hijacked by White liberal extremists like Screech Blythe.

If you’ve been paying attention to this, the left has taken up the cause, using the Sioux Tribe as a way to channel their inner Lenin by using it as a means to connect the Tribe’s unwarranted concern about their water supplies and sacred sites with the left’s anti-fracking agenda and global warming hoax. Not to mention the chance to possibly instigate more racial strife.

Hell, SlothShrek (Robert Pasbani of Metal Injected, er Metal Injection) refers us to the proof this is exactly what he and his liberal brethren are doing, he points us to this article by the leftist fake news site Vox.com.

“These protests have become a huge, huge story. The fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline encompasses everything from the federal government’s historically appalling treatment of Native Americans to broader debates about fracking and climate change.”

SlothShrek Pasbani, being the liberal channeler for all Marxist Metal artists, tells us that Screech Blythe has updated all of us (thank you oh dear liberal god for bestowing upon us such unworthy updates) on his liberal footstomping in North Dakota. He proceeeds to update us via Instagram with the usual liberal platitudes of “beautiful people”, yada yada yada.


But then I see this Washington Times (real news) article and I think to myself, is there something that Screech and SlothShrek aren’t telling us?

“Tension is brewing within the Dakota Access protest as complaints grow about outside activists trashing the camps, mooching off donations, and treating the anti-pipeline demonstration like a Burning Man-style festival for hippies.”

“A local deputy who asked to remain anonymous told WDAY-AM’s Rob Port that most of the protesters are white, and that some have used racial slurs against black, Hispanic and Native American officers.”

Well well, it appears that liberals are there doing what liberals do, trashing cops and displaying the kind of racism they have become accustomed to getting away with simply because they are leftists and therefore working for “the cause”, whatever that cause may be on that given day.

And remember, Screech isn’t even supposed to be here, he said he was leaving American if Donald Trump won the election.

“If he is the president though, I am leaving America till he’s gone.”

If he’s out there participating in some of the nonsense that the Washington Times exposes, then it’s time for this anti-Southerner idiot to leave America. Sayonara Screech.

— Carlos the Mexican King of all Metal

Links: Vox, Screech Blythe Instagram, Washington Times, SlothShrek, Metal Insider