Randy Rhoads Does Not Qualify To Be Nominated For The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame :

To qualify for induction into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame you must either be a member of a band that played/performed on an album that is at least 25 years old, released in the United States, or Britain. If you are a solo artist the same rules apply, but none of the musicians who played on the album qualify. Translation : Musicians like Randy Rhoads get screwed, while much less talented artists get enshrined. Makes no sense.

With all of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame talk going around I had someone ask me earlier today if Randy Rhoads is already inducted. As I explained to this person not only is Randy not in, but the way the HOF rules are set up right now, Randy doesn’t qualify to be inducted. For instance, if Quiet Riot was ever nominated for induction, (which in reality they don’t stand a chance in hell to get in anyways, because of the way they flamed out after their initial success) they would only consider the “Metal Health” lineup since the two records Randy played on were never released in America. 

Also thanks to the morally bankrupt Sharon Osbourne, who double-crossed Randy, along with Bob Daisley, and Lee Kerslake by releasing “Blizzard Of Ozz” as a Ozzy Osbourne solo album behind Randy, Bob, and Lee’s back. The four musicians had intended to release Blizzard as a self titled band album by the name of The Blizzard Of Ozz. Since that didn’t happen that means when Ozzy as a solo artist gets in, (and he will eventually be inducted) Randy, Bob, and Lee won’t qualify to be inducted with him. So since Randy’s life was cut short by a plane crash after recording the two Ozzy Osbourne solo albums Blizzard Of Ozz, And Diary Of A Madman, means that’s all of his recorded legacy. 

Technically, the HOF could consider the 1987 Tribute Live Album which features both Ozzy’s name along with Randy’s, but since that is only one album they will overlook that, and just induct Ozzy for his solo work as a whole. So that means the most influential guitar player of the 1980s, along with Eddie Van Halen, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, (who are both inducted btw) can only be enshrined if the HOF gives him a special “sideman award” that’s been given to other legendary musicians that face the same scenario. The HOF came up with that idea in 2000 when fans raised hell about the legendary bass player James Jamerson Of The Funk Brothers having to face the same exact issue of being disrespected the way Randy now is. Drummer Hal Blaine of the Wrecking Crew is another example. 

So that’s the only way the legendary Randy Rhoads can be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is by receiving a special sideman award. And to be honest, that award has such a huge backlog of artists who deserve it, and would be awarded it before Randy, (since it’s only awarded to one musician per year) since they seem to be going in order by the years, that it could take easily over a decade before Randy is even considered. 

So think about this for a minute. If Bon Jovi, or even Rage Against The Machine gets inducted this December, both Ritchie Sambora, more ironically Tom Morello, who calls Randy not only his biggest influence, but reason he started playing the guitar could both be in the HOF before Randy. How in the world can that even be justified ? This is just one, of the many examples that the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame needs to fix. Unfortunately this situation probably won’t be anytime soon. 


A special shout out to Randy’s former band mate Bob Daisley, and to the Randy Rhoads Society for the pictures, and all they do to keep Randy’s legacy alive. 

Jesse Vejar

Jesse Vejar

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