Randy Blythe, SJW and One Of Metal’s Worst Vocalists Suffers From Donald Trump Derangement Syndrome

SJW and PC elitist Randy Blythe

SJW and PC elitist Randy Blythe

Vocalist Randy Blythe, one of Metal’s worst vocalists, who ironically “sings” for one of Metal’s best bands (musically speaking) seems to be suffering from a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. In a recent interview with Metal Insider he gets asked by SJW reporter Bram Teitelman what Randy thinks about Donald Trump. He has a rambling, conspiratorial response, but the money line is this:

“If he is the president though, I am leaving America till he’s gone.”

If only. We should start a GoFundMe campaign for Randy.

Request for Lamb Of God. Replace this crazed liberal buffoon as soon as possible! Get a real singer with an actual intelligible voice instead of a someone that sounds like a cat getting tortured and you will actually be an incredible and complete band.

Request for Metal Insider. Are your views all hard left as Bram Teitelman’s are? And do you feel its a good thing that your “metal” platform be used to push forward a particular political ideology?

You can waste your time reading the article here: Randy Blythe’s and Bram Teitelman’s Trump Derangement Syndrome

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