Pyrithion and ‘The Burden of Sorrow’

Regardless of how some fans feel about Tim Lambesis, there are still hoards of fans who are waiting with great anticipation for new music from him. Let’s face it, he’s a great musician and songwriter. Some people feel so strongly about what he did that they are simply unwilling to ever support anything he does going forward. If you’re one of those individuals, I respect your convictions, but I’m definitely not with you.

When people talk about future projects from Tim, usually what you’ll hear is fans talking about how much they’d love to see As I Lay Dying get back together, or another album from Austrian Death Machine. I think there’s a possibility that we’ll see a new Austrian Death Machine album, but As I Lay Dying getting back together? Not likely. Not only did Tim’s unraveling do irreparable damage to relations in the band, but As I Lay Dying seems to be a project that has simply run its course. So, you may be asking yourself, “what is there to get excited about?” The answer to that question is simple…..Pyrithion

Pyrithion was a another one of Tim’s side projects, and it was something incredibly special. Of course we never got to see this project blossom, but what we did get was a three track EP titled ‘The Burden of Sorrow’.

‘The Burden of Sorrow’ was released on April 16, 2013 via Metal Blade with Tim Lambesis on vocals, Ryan Gilsan and Andrew Godwin on guitars, Josh Gilbert on bass and John Paul Andrade on drums. Musically, ‘The Burden of Sorrow’ is brutal; heavier and more technical than anything you’ll hear on any As I Lay Dying or Austrian Death Machine album. It also has a very unique sound with elements of tech-death, death metal and black metal. The guitar work is mind-blowing; incredibly technical and intricate, while still maintaining a level of melody and fluidity. Vocally, Tim explores different sounds with more intensity, deeper growls and higher pitched screams. The most impressive aspect of this recording is the drum work. These three tracks contain jaw-dropping blast beats, precision time changes and blazing fast double bass. Lyrically, ‘The Burden of Sorrow’ is Tim Lambesis at his absolute best. This project gave Tim the opportunity to explore darker and more philosophical subject matter. Tim offers a look into the essence of suffering, the concept of hatred, and whether or not hatred is something we’re born with, or something learned, and how our deepest beliefs shape who we are and dictate our perception of truth.

This EP was recorded in just three days in Tim Lambesis’ studio, but it certainly doesn’t sound like it. Pyrithion had the potential to be a game changing force in metal. This is the project that I hope gets Tim’s undivided attention now that he’s out of prison. I can only hope his fellow musicians who were involved in this effort will be willing to work with him.

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