Philip Labonte, Metal Injection, Metal Sucks, Metal Insider…A Teachable Moment

Today marks a great day in Metal because the SJW’s have no choice but to go all in on their hatred of Whites, Heterosexuals, Conservatives, and Christians because they are on the ropes, and they have no choice but to try and take out one target at a time. Today’s target was Philip Labonte.

First, I don’t know Phil personally, I only know him through an occasional tweet, but he seems like a decent guy, has libertarian/consertative opinions, and doesn’t seem to want to hurt anyone in any way. But unfortunately, based on something that happened a few months back where he was criticized for the use of the word “f****t”, he came out as Mr Super LGBT(plus whatever letter goes after that) supporter to try and prove he didn’t hate homosexuals.

That was a huge mistake. The following is my analysis of the intent/methods of SJW’s and the solution. Take note of #5.

1. Think as I do or you’re a racist, homophobe, sexist pig. (Their creed)

2. Present the facts out of context to maximize impact.

3. They will seek to destroy you, not to be your friend

4. They will show no mercy

5. NEVER apologize or appease them. Punch back twice as hard.

Phil, despite his good intent, by trying to prove that he the greatest pro-LGBT(plus whatever comes after) person in the history of mankind, it gave him absolutely ZERO cred in their eyes. By trying to prove he was pro-LGBT(plus whatever letter comes after that) he was in essence apologizing, “Hey, look look, I’m not the mean things you say I am!” To them, no matter how hard you try, an apology means nothing, it simply makes you look weak to them and opens you up to even more harassment and lies later on.

Which brings us to today.

No matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter how you grovel (not saying Phil groveled), IT WILL NOT MATTER. You are now a target for destruction for the rest of your life. And there’s no appeasing them unless you change your fundamental nature, which means becoming what they are.

And of course, that’s out of the question, at least for me.

Here’s my advice for all of you out there that get called out by one of these sjw publications.

Fuck them! Do NOT apologize, double down, and PUNCH FUCKING BACK!!!

OWN your flaws (in their eyes). Own them, don’t apologize, and fight.

That’s how you win.

You have no choice if you’re a man. And in the Trump era, you should take his example during his epic battle to win the Presidency. He never apologized, he owned his words, and he took no prisoners when he punched back twice as hard.

We live in different times. This is the Trump era, and it’s time the majority stop being intimidated by these loudmouth Marxist sjw’s with large platforms because we can now build our own and push back strong.

— Carlos The Mexican King Of All Metal

Carlos, The God Anointed, Christ Redeemed, Pendejo Purging Mexican King Of All Metal
Carlos, The God Anointed, Christ Redeemed, Pendejo Purging Mexican King Of All Metal

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