Ozzy Osbourne Backtracks on Being a Sex Addict, Tom Morello on Trump Protests and Sepultura’s Machine Messiah Enters Charts


Ozzy Osbourne’s marital issues have been under the microscope for some time now, mainly having to do with his infidelity. Last year, when Ozzy’s affair with Michelle Pugh became public, he issued a statement saying that he had been struggling with sex addiction, and would be seeking therapy to work through these issues in an attempt to keep his marriage to Sharon intact. Well, it seems Ozzy is seeing things a bit differently these days. Here is a recent statement from the Prince of Darkness given to the Irish Times.

“I’m in a f–king rock band, aren’t I? There have always been groupies. I just got caught, didn’t I? It was a bump in the road. I don’t think I’m a f–king sex addict.”

It appears Ozzy has taken issue with Sharon’s work habits, as they’ve also allegedly been playing a key role in him being unable to keep away from the ladies. Here’s what Ozzy had to say in his latest interview.

“In any marriage you grow apart if you don’t spend enough time together, and that was part of the problem,” he continued. “Sharon is a workaholic and that’s great. But if she comes home from X Factor and wants to go to bed, what the f–k am I supposed to do?”

Here’s what Sharon had to say in December to the Daily Mail after Ozzy asked her to renew their vows.

“In my life I have been so blessed but when one side of your life is so brilliant other things can suffer. It is hard when you are both successful and both working away. It is easy to take each other for granted. We have been married for 35 years and been together 38 years. You have to have some ups and downs.

After President Trump initiated the temporary immigration ban, hoardes of angry leftists began to pour into airports across the U.S. to display their displeasure with their President taking common sense measures in order to protect them and the rest of our country from radical Islamic terrorism. One of these protests took place at LAX Airport in Los Angeles where Tom Morello and his “elite task-force of revolutionary musicians” known as Prophets of Rage were among the crowd. Here’s what Tom Morello had to say in regard to President Trump and his immigration ban.

The way I look at it is what Trump has done in a week is galvanize the opposition. That’s what this is; this unprecedented racism, bigotry and proto-fascist agenda that he’s trying to shove down America’s throat has unleashed the resistance that will dethrone him. At the rally today, it’s not just young people, it’s people of all ages. They feel this is a threat to democracy, to humanity. Trump’s ignorance in environmental science is a threat to the entire planet, and the way that’s he acted in such an ill-informed and hateful way in his first week, it’s no surprise there are more people marching around the country today against his Muslim ban than were at his inauguration. He’s gonna have a tough time choking that one down. There’s no precedent for this in the first week of an administration.

Morello questioned, “How many Americans, from the women’s march to yesterday to today have been out to just say, ‘Oh, hell no!’ This is America’s ‘Oh, hell no!’ moment, and what we did today here at LAX was, with a clear and unified voice, saying that Los Angeles is a ‘No Trump Zone.’ Immigrants and Muslims and refugees are welcome here; racists, fascists and bigots can beat it.”

Prophets of Rage are scheduled to tour in Mexico, South America and Europe in 2017. There is no timeline yet for the release of an actual album from Prophets of Rage.

Brazilian thrash legends Sepultura have entered the international charts with their latest album ‘Machine Messiah’, and it’s looking like this album is being well received. Here’s what Andreas Kisser had to say.

“Thank you Sepulnation, we are so happy with the response and positive feedback for the new album, we can’t wait to bring the Messiah to the stage!
“Overwhelmed by the energy and the excitement of our fans, the charts positions just reflects this great momentum in our career! See you all on tour! Bow down to the ‘Machine Messiah!!!'” 

Here are the international chart entries for ‘Machine Messiah’.

Czech: #14
Italy: #14
Germany: #27
Switzerland: #27
Austria: #33
Portugal: #35
Belgium (VI): #35
Belgium (WA): #67
France: # 74
Australia: #82
USA: #86
UK: #165, #18 Indie, #9 Rock


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