Nick Alexander – R.I.P., A Good Man Murdered By Islamic Terrorism



This man was murdered in Paris by Islamic extremist murdering terrorist creatures of pure filth. Nick Alexander was the merch guy for many different metal bands. He was a veteran of the position, and by all accounts a really sweet guy. RIP to Nick and condolences to the family.
There is much that can be said about our times, and this almost surreal, unbelievably brutal strain of religious fervor that threatens the world. And much of it can be criticism towards our politicians, who, if you saw last nights debate, blamed CLIMATE CHANGE (no longer Global Warming cause we aren’t warming) as a direct contributor to Islamic Terrorism, and they refused to call it Islamic Terrorism. Disgraceful. I’m not politicizing this, THEY are.
As the worlds moves towards chaos, and as we move towards a dark age we have never experienced, it becomes all the more important to see things FOR WHAT THEY ARE! Not for what will be politically correct.
Nick Alexander was murdered by Islamic Terrorists. Period. As were many other people. God bless them all.
One more thing, as a Christian I’m amazed by how many Metalheads and Metal publications immediately try to condemn us for anything they don’t deem acceptable. But they leave their hands clean of any criticism of the true religious threat of our times – Islamic Extremism. Cowards.