New Amon Amarth Underway Soon

Amon Amarth repeatedly beat faces in. ‘Jomsviking’ was no exception. They are also a solid band at turning out new music. Guitarist, Johan Söderberg, told Antihero Magazine that,
After this summer, we’re done touring with this album (Jomsviking). That’s when we’re gonna start to write stuff for the next one.
 ‘The next one’ will be their 11th. Very impressive for a band who doesn’t historically tour and prep at the same time. Things have shifted a bit recently, however. 

Said Johan,

We actually never wrote anything on the road before. But on this summer run we have now, we actually just bought a little computer and sound interface that we actually can write on tour if we feel like it. But we haven’t really started [yet].
 I really love this band, and I really anticipate what they have in store!


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Ben Borcher

Ben Borcher

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Ben Borcher