MOSH Energy Drink – A Great Idea And An Interview With Its Creator Douglas Berry

MOSHEnergyHeaderOne of the things that has happened in these early stages of the Metal Mofos journey is my exposure to things within the community that are peripherally related to what my quest is. The prime directive of my quest is find and give exposure to great metal music that’s ignored by big labels and big metal sites. What’s started happening is that I’m being contacted by metalheads that have products that aren’t music but still metalhead related. I found one of them particularly compelling – MOSH Energy drink.

MOSH Energy is a product that will directly compete in the Energy drink market, but with a metal twist – It is targeted specifically at metalheads and for metal shows. Now get this, it’s also specifically formulated for band members and metalheads who, as you all know, expend a shitload of energy moshing, banging heads, crowd surfing, and doing other physical exploits. Here’s an excerpt from the mind behind the product (just one of many great ideas he has), Douglas Berry:

“M.O.S.H. stands for (Metal Organization Specializing Health) and within the organization/brand I have formulated MOSH ENERGY DRINK which is a healthier alternative energy drink formulated with metal artist and fans in mind.”

Right away I found this to be an incredibly cool concept, and something that can work if marketed correctly. Compelled by the concept, I asked Douglas Berry if he could answer a few of my questions regarding MOSH Energy, as well as some of his other products. He was kind enough to take the time to answer them. Read on:

1. Where did the idea for Mosh Energy come from and who came up with it?

The concept of MOSH Energy was born out of a campaign I had started called Healthy Metal. I designed the campaign as an avenue for those in the metal community to have somewhere to go that wasn’t lame for all of their workout, diet and general health tips. As part of the campaign, I tried to look at the metal scene and do what I could to encourage smarter choices while keeping it metal as possible. I attended shows handing out free bottle water to everyone in attendance to assure hydration, ear plugs to protect hearing as well as free gym memberships and other incentives from local health oriented businesses. One overwhelming issue that concerned me was the abundance of unhealthy energy drinks consumed by my fellow metal heads at concerts. Monster Energy and Rockstar Energy target the heavy metal demographic however are not loyal only to metal, they also sponsor redneck rodeos, pop concerts and other events that have nothing to do with the metal community. Those companies are only concerned about product sales regardless of which demographic provides them. I thought to myself that metal needs it’s very own exclusive beverage, a functional beverage that caters to the needs of the artist who play grueling sets and the fans that endure long shows and festivals.

Douglas with the legendary Gary Holt

2. What is the mission of Mosh Energy? What does it intend to fill in the marketplace? Specifically with metalheads?

I formulated MOSH (Metal Organization Specializing Health) Energy. MOSH Energy has electrolytes for hydration (no more people passing out at shows) it has Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) for stamina and recovery, it has a ground breaking purified caffeine that is hybrid with blueberry antioxidants to deliver a lower dose caffeine while providing a sustainable energy, not a 15 minute sugar and caffeine rush followed by a major crash if another isn’t consumed. But MOSH Energy will be much more than just a functional beverage for the metal community, it will include on each bottle a revolutionary approach to music distribution via a QR scan code which will provide the consumer with a digital download of a song, video, and web-link from artist signed and unsigned. This will help bands gain more exposure through the drink and grow the listener base.

3. What bands/artists/management groups are associated with or have shown support for Mosh Energy?

From the very start MOSH Energy has had support from some of the best in metal including wife of Tom Araya, Sandra Araya who is an administrator on the Healthy Metal page and a model for MOSH Energy. Grammy nominated drummer Aaron Rossi (Ministry, Prong, Rev.Co) has wore MOSH Energy gear on tour worldwide with the Metal All-Stars. Vocalist Kelly Shaefer (Athiest, Neurotica, Stones of Madness) has also expressed support for MOSH. My friend Brock Lindow (36 Crazyfists) has agreed to wear MOSH gear in support as well as our mutual friend Steev Esquivel (Skinlab). I have sent gear by request to many artist including Max Cavalera and DJ Lethal (House of Pain, Limp Bizkit) who has agreed to place MOSH Energy in his Las Vegas bar and billiards establishment. Ryan VanderWolk (Death Rattle) has been a constant supporter of MOSH wearing hats and shirts and most of his performances.

Douglas and Kerry King

Douglas and Kerry King

4. What has been the response within the metalhead community? I, for one, think its a great idea with tons of potential. Have other metalheads responded in such a way?

The response from the metal community for MOSH has been overwhelming considering no money has been spent on advertising to date. MOSH Energy gear caught the eye of Metal Mulisha on Instagram who commented “RESPECT” and MOSH has been contacted by Heavy Metal Television who have offered to shoot a commercial highlighting the brand and it’s focus, then will run it on their network.

5. Where do you plan on selling Mosh Energy? Where do you plan on distributing it? I would really love to see a stand at all big metal festivals.

I plan to sell MOSH at concert venues that house heavy metal shows, and would love to see MOSH at festivals, however the pressure has to be put on Monster and Rockstar in the form of demand for MOSH. I also plan on placing MOSH at record stores that metal albums are sold as well as retailers such as Hot Topic that sell heavy metal merchandise.

6. What are Mosh Energy Trading Cards?

MOSH Energy Trading cards for now are digital trading cards (so to speak) that highlight artist profiles, careers and projects. Each week new “cards” will be posted in effort to give deserving artist a spotlight on their career. MOSH Energy trading cards also includes a “Legend Series” for those who has passed away or in some other way made a monumental impact of the heavy metal community.

Douglas with Troy Sanders

Douglas with Troy Sanders

7. Where can people get more info about Mosh Energy? (Give website address, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc)

People can find MOSH ENERGY on Facebook by searching for the pages “MOSH ENERGY”, “MOSH Energy Clothing” and “MOSH Energy Trading Cards”. Also on Instagram and Twitter as “Moshenergy” or MOSH Energy via LinkedIn. They can visit, email and buy some shirts on Zazzle by searching

As you can see this product is getting a good amount of support within the metal community. I’m eager to see this product to get out there as well. It’s time we stopped letting third party products use metalheads to make money, only to use that money to invest in things not close to being metal related. I encourage your support of this product.


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