Mortification – Scrolls of the Megilloth- 25 Days of Christmas Metal Countdown Day 13

Metal Mofos’ Isaac Sauers gives us a holiday treat as he counts down 25 days till Christmas with 25  of his favorite must own metal and hard rock albums. Join us daily through December 25th to read the latest entry.

Mortification released their 2nd album Scrolls of the Megilloth in 1992. The album features bassist/vocalist Steve Rowe, guitarist Michael Carlisle, and Jayson Sherlock on drums. This album is a fantastic death metal album, and is one of the best metal albums of all time to have Christian lyrics.

Mortification’s debut album, which came out in 1991 on Intense Records, was very thrash oriented in the vein of German bands Kreator and Sodom, but it had some death elements. This album helped the talented trio get the attention of Nuclear Blast Records head Markus Staiger who signed the band to distribute their music in Europe. This led to the release of Scrolls of the Megilloth.

This album was recorded in Melbourne, Australia near where the band members live. It was officially released August 28, 1992, and to Mortification fans this is one of the best days of their life. Mortification would never again release an album this chaotically heavy and extreme. Their follow up to this album is still death metal, but it’s not as quite as brutal as Scrolls of the Megilloth.

The music on this album is superb. Steve Rowe gives one of the best vocal performances in all of death metal on this album. His vocals are just downright scary. Just listen to the opening track “Nocturnal”. The song starts off with nocturnal noises like crickets chirping and frogs croaking soon to be joined by some beats from Jayson Sherlock’s drums and finally a cool riff from Michael Carlisle. The song then breaks into full on chaotic speed. Steve Rowe then growls out, “Noctuuurnalll”, then shrieks, “creatures!”, and finishes the line growling, “of the night”. It’s just a great way to start off an album.

The guitars on this album are just as brutal as necessary. Michael Carlisle is a great rhythm guitarist and the riffs and chord progressions really fit the album well. There aren’t any guitar solos on the album which would be it’s only downside if you can even call that a downside. These songs don’t really need solos. The song “Necromanicide” is one of my favorites and just has this brutal guitar all around with some cool riffs. His guitar playing style could also serve really well on a black metal album.

I can’t give enough praise to how good of a drummer Jayson Sherlock is. This album is one of the highlights of his career. It would be hard to pick out a standout track for the drums as this entire album is just what extreme metal drumming should sound like, but let’s just say “Eternal Lamentation”. This song starts out chaotic right from the first second.

Michael and Jayson eventually left Mortification, but Steve carried on for many years with various lineups for the band. Mortification released what was said to be their final album Realms of the Skeletaur in 2015. I’m not sure what Michael Carlisle did after his time in Mortification. Jayson Sherlock went on to perform in Paramecium, Horde, Inexordium, and currently with Revulsed: a superb brutal death metal band who released their debut album Infernal Atrocity last year.



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