Morbid Angel’s Steve Tucker Interviews with Metal Mofos, ‘Kingdoms Disdained’ out December 1st, 2017

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The year is 2017, and Morbid Angel intends to leave their mark. Steve Tucker is back at the helm, and their new record, ‘Kingdoms Disdained’, is a deathly masterpiece. We also see Scotty Fuller (drums), Dan Vadim Von (guitars), and the mighty Trey Azagthoth, on the roster, as well. Release is set for December 1st, and is a must-own.

Steve took the time to chat with the Mofos, and spoke about everything from rejoining Morbid, to touring in support of the new album, to the current state of the world as a basis for writing, to what’s in his CD player.

Said Tucker on settling back in with in with Morbid Angel,

My head space was totally Morbid Angel, and that was it…’ And on focusing on the new music,

Right now, I actually don’t have anything on my phone right now (music). I wiped it clean, and the only thing on it right now is the new Morbid, because that’s what I’ve full-force been working on now for a long time.’

Morbid Angel is all in with this record.  ‘Kingdoms Disdained’ is a provocative look at the world as we know it, and is sure to resonate well with fans. Check out our full-audio interview with Steve, below:


Ben Borcher

Ben Borcher

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