Mikael Akerfeldt Pens Tribute to Malcolm Young, Warrel Dane

I like Mikael Akerfeldt. A lot. To me, he is to progressive metal, what Jimi Hendrix was to the electric guitar. I like ‘Orchid’ Mikael, I like ‘Sorceress’ Mikael, and I even like tribute-writing  Mikael. He is humble enough to give credit where credit is due. Such is the case in a note he penned- err typed- about two musicians, who have passed, that have made a lasting impact on him: Malcolm Young, and Warrel Dane. His message reads,

Better late than never…another tribute to a fallen hero. This time Malcolm Young. Even if we’re considered to be some type of ”prog” we’ve learned the ever so important rock-basics through bands like AC/DC in our youth, and keep on learning from them to this day. Malcolm was one of the best rock rhythm-guitar players ever as far as I’m concerned and hugely important to the entire rock scene. I suppose it didn’t come as a complete surprise when I heard of his passing but it’s sad and tragic nevertheless. We will miss him. He was the very foundation of the phenomenon we know as AC/DC. Great songs and great playing throughout…’

On Warrel,

‘…And while I wish I wouldn’t have to linger on the topic of great musicians dying away I am shaken by the tragic news of Warrel Dane’s premature passing. He was a friend, and an amazing vocalist. We did a few tours with Nevermore and we always chatted when we met at festivals. I will miss catching up on things with him. We had some good times together. Great talks over (more than) a few drinks. We bonded over a mutual love for the band Candlemass and sat up late on the tour bus chatting away, discussing our respective favorite tunes. The last time I saw him he did look frail but I was completely shocked when I heard the news. I find it difficult to allow it to sink in, but what the hell else can you do? Our condolences goes out to his friends (especially his ex bandmates that we know: Jim, Jeff, Van, Curran and Steve) and family of course. – Mikael’


Awesome words, Mikael. Now put them towards a new record. I need to hear it.

Ben Borcher

Ben Borcher

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