Metallica to Perform with Lady Gaga, Steven Adler Thinks Rock is Dead and Chris Barnes Sheds New Light on Split with Cannibal Corpse

The unthinkable has happened. Lady Gaga will be performing with Metallica at the 59th annual Grammy Awards. The announcement was made via Twitter on February 6th, and no, it is not a lie, or a rumor. Metallica promised something very unique and special for their performance, but nobody was expecting this. Some fans aren’t really surprised by this announcement, but others are fuming. Even though Lady Gaga has openly expressed her love for metal, and that she’s been a lifelong fan of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, the thought of a pop-star performing with the worlds biggest metal band is considered sacrilege to metal purists.

It seems pop has found its way into the metal scene whether people like it or not. There’s Rihanna’s death metal logo, pop and reality TV stars like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian sporting the gear, and Rob Halford along with other metal elites performing with Babymetal. Has the world gone mad?

Metallica’s James Hetfield has been battling an undisclosed illness that has been effecting his throat to the point that he had to cancel a show in Copenhagen, and was put under strict doctor’s orders not to sing a single note. There’s been speculation that Lady Gaga has been brought in as a result of James’ condition, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, as Metallica have been promising something very unique for this performance.

Metallica will also be performing at the Hollywood Palladium after the conclusion of the Grammy Awards. The 59th annual Grammy Awards Ceremony will air on February 12th at 8:00PM ET on CBS.

Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler thinks rock n’ roll is dead. I’d say he’s absolutely right. There are still rock bands, but the spirit of rock n’ roll music just doesn’t seem to be the same. In my opinion, the last mainstream rock band that had any semblance of the rebellious, bad boy rock image was Buckcherry, and that’s pretty sad. The reckless free spirit of rock n’ roll that was once embraced has been lost in the fog of conformity and PC culture. Here’s what Steven had to say about the modern state of rock n’ roll during a recent Reddit AMA: “All I know is that the gods of rock are pissed!” Adler said. “I think I am afraid rock ‘n’ roll might be dead. There are just no great bands out there. The last great band that I know of was the Foo Fighters, and that was 25 years ago.”

Fans also asked about Steven’s limited involvement in Guns N’ Roses “Not In Your Lifetime Tour” to which he replied on behalf of himself and Izzy Stradlin stating: “We really do wanna be a part of the reunion, except only if it were the original lineup from Appetite for Destruction.”

When asked if he has plans to partake in any future Guns N’ Roses shows, he replied: “I had a great time last year doing the couple shows that I got to do with them… If it was going to be just the five original guys with [Izzy] and Axl, Slash, and Duff and myself, then yes I will, but otherwise, it’s not the magic and it’s not fair to the fans. Me and [Izzy] actually really do wanna be a part of it.”

Here’s a classic Guns N’ Roses performance from 1988 at The Ritz when Rock N’ Roll was very much alive.

For the past 22 years, fans have been speculating about the falling out between Chris Barnes and Cannibal Corpse. Both sides, out of respect, have been vague as to what really happened that caused them to go their separate ways. In a recent interview, Chris shed some new light on the split, but was still reluctant to get into the gory details. He even commented on the possibility of a Six Feet Under and Cannibal Corpse tour. Here’s what Chris had to say: “It would be a tough one to put together, I don’t think there’s animosity [between us]. I think there’s just protecting other people’s feelings.”

It appears that both sides are pretty sensitive despite the fact that they’re in the business of creating brutal death metal. Chris had this to say about the split: “I just didn’t like being around them because I was being ridiculed and I just didn’t feel comfortable being in the same room with people that weren’t very nice to me personally.” He admitted, “And I was part of that too, so we had all of our own type of differences, personally and I don’t think it was gonna be able to be worked out. You know, mutual respect goes a far way when it comes to being in close quarters with people.”

Chris went on to say that he believes things would’ve been handled differently today, and that there is no animosity between him and Cannibal Corpse. He continued: “I’m not gonna be mean to anybody, and I never wanted to be. I’m my own person, and sometimes I’m put at fault for that, and I think we all are in our own way. And that’s just life; those are the things we deal with as people.”

Six Feet Under’s new album ‘Torment’ will be available on February 24th.

Check out the new track, “Sacrificial Kill” from  ‘Torment’ right here.

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