Metallica-Kill Em’ All : Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums

Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums : 

Artist : Metallica

Album : Kill Em’ All 

Released : July 25, 1983 

M.M. Album Rating : 5/5 (The True Introduction Of Thrash Music) 

Just like landmark records before it that were recorded in just hours or days with basically a budget of pretty much nothing the band Metallica did what bands like Black Sabbath and The Ramones had done just years before. They introduced a whole genre of music to the world. Taking the power of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, and also elements of Hardcore Punk music the thrash genre was truly born with the release of the “Kill Em’ All” album. Yes there had been signs before of bands heading this direction, but it was Metallica that truly introduced the sound. Not that it had been an easy road at all. Just weeks before they began to record the album they had to fire their lead guitar player Dave Mustaine for destructive behavior caused by drug and alcohol problems. 

That’s one thing that never truly gets praise from people when discussing this record. Most people usually feel sorry for Mustaine, feeling like he got screwed especially since he contributed to the writing. In reality though the band had no choice but to get rid of him at that point, not that they wanted to at all. No band likes to compromise it’s chemistry especially just days before recording a debut record. Lead Guitarist Kirk Hammett from the band Exodus would come in, and fill the role that Mustaine would leave behind admirably. So there it was, the now classic lineup of Metallica was born. With the amazing bass playing from the newly acquired Cliff Burton, to the groundbreaking double bass drumming of Lars Ulrich, to last but not least the killer Rhythm Guitar playing, and singing of James Hetfield, who took the rhythm sound to places it had never been before. Especially the speed.

As history has proven the record would not only become much more successful than originally planned, but extremely influential. Today haters of what the band has become try to re-write history of what the true impact of the album was, but that’s just a foolish move, especially when confronted by someone living through it as it happened. In many ways the one person who benefited from it and its success the most was Dave Mustaine, who got writing credit and royalties on four songs which opened the door to his record contract with Megadeth. Today the album still sounds fresh and raw from a band who were at their very best when they were hungry. 
Track Listing : 

1. Hit The Lights

2. The Four Horsemen 

3. Motorbreath

4. Jump In The Fire

5. (Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth

6. Whiplash

7. Phantom Lord 

8. No Remorse 

9. Seek & Destroy

10. Metal Militia

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