Metallica – Injustice For All Part 1, Their Musical Downfall And Betrayal Of Metal

Because we aren’t ass kissers, fear anyone, or advertiser dependent we can write about anyone with an honest take, so now we speak the unspeakable about Metallica. Long overdue. – Carlos

Yes, Metallica will always push inventory, get #1 records, sell out arenas, and generate headlines.

What they won’t ever do again though is give us excellent Metal. After the release of the boring Hardwired To Self Destruct it’s clear they lack the most important ingredients to writing great Metal again.

Hunger and passion.

The 90s, when Metallica began to spiral out of control

They don’t need it because after The Black Album they are set for life. They can never release another record again and will still sell out any arena in the world. They can release an album with nothing but fart noises and it will still go platinum. They can put a pic of human crap on a t-shirt and it will still sell thousands.

That’s what happens after an album like the Black Album.

It’s like winning the lottery or buying stock in Google when they went public, you’re set, there’s no need to do anything else with your life. You can coast it, and there’s no pressure to put out great material because there will always be food on the table. There’s no pressure from management to bring in a producer that will push you, that will create a process that will bring you back to the things that made you great.

After something like that you’re too big and you don’t have to listen to anybody.

There’s no need to continue to advance technically, artistically, or even character-wise.

There’s no desire to be the best anymore, to push yourself for the fans, to look inward so that you can give the fans the best of yourself.

No, there’s none of that. You’ve become everything you used to spit on the mainstream about when you started. You were once the rebel and are now the corrupt establishment.

Metallica lost its way in the 90s and never recovered. Look at this horrific crap.

Metallica is a shell of what they used to be. They are a brand with no substance. There is nothing there for them or us anymore, except to continue to line their pockets with our hard earned money for scraps from a table full of discordant and badly written riffs.

My once favorite band has become a boring corporate brand that has lost their way and become a tragic soap opera full of drama and bad choices.

Makeup? Lulu? Lady Gaga? Through The Never? Load? Reload? St Anger? Hardwired To Self Destruct?

What is all that? It is a band searching for things to feed themselves artistically, but failing to understand their need isn’t one of artistic expression but of WHAT KIND of artistic expression it needs and we need. All of it seems like a nightmare compared to what they once were. This is not a stable band here, this is a band full of ego, vanity, and disrespect for the fans.

Metallica is lost

Success has killed what was once left of Metallica. For all intents and purposes what we are simply seeing is a series of horrible movie sequels in the form of a band, all discombobulated with no sense of direction and vision. A band lost to the success of its first act and UNWILLING to put the work in to find what made the first act the greatest show on Earth.

Yeah, that’s Metallica now. More to come


Carlos, The God Anointed, Christ Redeemed, Pendejo Purging Mexican King Of All Metal
Carlos, The God Anointed, Christ Redeemed, Pendejo Purging Mexican King Of All Metal

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