Metal Mofos Hall Of Fame Inaugural Class Is…

What more can be said of these bands.

The Big Five.

The five most impactful Metal bands in history, and though there are many others that have had an impact that will be included in the Metal Mofos Hall Of Fame, these are the ones that we consider to not only have had the most deep, lasting, and broad impact, but it also shows a clear evolution from one band to the next.

There is a clear line of excellence as one band learned and evolved from the one before it, adding their own unique stylistic impressions and therefore branding themselves and pushing the genre forward.

Black Sabbath

Judas Priest

Iron Maiden



In time, artists, whether bands, individuals, both as writers, producers, or record execs (think Brian Slagel), will be a part of this.

And we hope to make the fans a big part of this, not some irrelevant noise in the background as some of the other “Halls Of Fame” do.