Metal Mofos 2 year anniversary, state of the Metal Mofos union


Welcome to Part 1 of Metal Mofos 2 year anniversary article, these articles will describe the events that have led up to this anniversary. It’s been a hell of a ride so far.

Metal Mofos was originally a totally different concept. It was intended to be a site where we would seek and find great Metal bands that were older, I targeted the average age of the band being 30 and up. And though we definitely did that for the first year, something happened in October of 2014 that changed the course and messaging of the concept.

The page was attacked by a bunch of local Tucson Marxist wannabe Metalheads. A gang of social justice warriors spouting off all the liberal politically correct nonsense you could imagine. Fully indoctrinated fools, led by a couple of idiots that are part of the local Tucson music scene. But these liberals were disguised as Metalheads, when in actuality they are political assassins determined to remove any type of dissent through peer pressure and attacking any opinion other than theirs.

That attack made me study up more on the Metal media and I discovered it had its own version of what we students of media call “liberal media”. I was disgusted by the discovery. It was something I had never really noticed before, but it was there, in full blown “glory” showing its ugly face. The media was dominated by the same politically correct culture that has acted as a speech suppressant in the news and entertainment media.

If you don’t think as they do, or say something they find offensive, they will shut you out. Their platforms are only used to advance the careers of the sheep who thinks as they do, or who don’t say anything they consider to be outside their speech codes. Comply or receive no coverage.

I knew I had to modify the mission. But first a little history.

Metal Mofos was born July 12th, 2014.

Prior to its “launch” I had a meeting with a guy named Marvin Phillips, he was a local musician that fronted a band named Skull Pin. The reason I asked him is because he was the most passionate Metal guy I had on my Facebook friends list. And we had similar ideological mindsets. I felt that was really important because I wanted to make sure our page had a certain “flavor” to it, one that would piss off a few people. But make no mistake, our focus was going to be as I said in the first paragraph – Metal bands with members that were more mature. I just felt they were making better Metal, at least based on what I was researching at the time.

Marvin Phillips, my original partner. He turned out to be a lazy ass disaster.

Marvin Phillips, my original partner. He turned out to be a lazy ass disaster.

I also asked him because he was jobless, and always seemed to be at the time, and he had time on his hands. I totally missed the obvious when I asked him. I should have just gone solo from the beginning.

He was totally gung ho though, and assured me he was totally down for the cause. I bought banners, and created marketing campaigns based around him and his personality. The idea was to make him the face of Metal Mofos, make him famous as a writer and influencer in the movement. And initially he seemed completely down. So the first test was that he did an interview, and it was to be his first post. Because he wasn’t too aware of the WordPress platform, I created training videos to ease him along, and alot of other stuff to get him going forward with as little work as needed on his behalf.

In the end I wasted time, money, and hope. He did the interview, and proceeded to NEVER post it to the website or the page. His only work was to post the occasional meme on the website, which means nothing. Oh, and one more thing, though he chose not to do any meaningful work, he still managed to do some posting of some things that would benefit him – He pimped his bands new CD on the page. Nice. On a platform he did next to nothing to help grow.

So I ended up canning Marvin sometime in September 2014. It was a huge disappointment considering I had put time and money on making him star. Not to mention I would use all my video/audio equipment and go record his shows, then edit them and release them for him. All on my dime and time. But he never reciprocated the favors. And though initially everything was cool afterwards, as the work built up and I had to start doing what he agreed to do, as well as all the stuff I was doing, I got BITTER! Yeah, I got bitter, ha ha.

Despite the end of the partnership, and me thinking the dude got the fact that I had to let him go cause he was a lazy ass, he STILL came asking me to pimp his band. I was like, “HUH?!” He never returned my goodwill, never put in one dime for Metal Mofos, never did a damn thing he said despite me creating training tools for him, I mean, nothing, and he still had the gall to ask me for more free shit! Seriously!

I eventually snapped one day and told him what I felt, and his defensive response said it all. He completely lacked self awareness. It was time to just let it go in all ways with the dude, that’s no friend. He proceeded to block me on Facebook and that put a period to our friendship. Oh well. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Part 2 of Metal Mofos history will delve deep into what changed the mission of Metal Mofos. It was a gamechanger. Hell, the idiots who inspired just a few days ago came at me via message after they found out I was going to write, without naming names, of why I changed Metal Mofos to be both music and a pushback against the social justice warriors in Metal. The speech police that try and shame you into not talking about anything they don’t deem acceptable. And if you do, they scream “RACIST!”

I wasn’t going to name names, but since Mr Rodgers decided to come at me again via Facebook messages. Well then the agreement has been breached and I’m free to do so.

I cannot fucking wait.

Stay tuned…

Carlos, the true king of all Metal