Metal Injection’s War Against Free Speech, Trump, & Slayer’s Tom Araya

It goes without saying that a true Metalhead knows social justice warriors and political correctness do not go hand in hand with Metal. Metal was founded, among other things, as a musical counter-platform to the trendy music that dominated that era, and through time, it continued to be a platform used by musicians that sought darker roads for their musical expression. But at no point, until recently, was it ever used as a way to force a particular ideological mindset upon its fans. If anything, certain forms of Metal tackled corruption and the evil it sprouts, a sometimes needed messaging, and simply was an expression of what the band sees through its ideological lens.

And that is awesome, needed, and welcomed.

But what we have now is completely different. It is simply a set of rules established by people with platforms that seek to stamp out, through their reach, opinions that they simply don’t like. If you use a word they don’t like, you’re a target, if you support a politician they don’t like, you’re a target. And they don’t want to just write articles about you, the intent is to destroy your career.

It is no different than what you see on other non-Metal platforms, such as gaming, or the mainstream media. They all have a leftists mindset, and if you don’t think as they do they will seek to minimize your impact, and if you rebel by writing/saying things they don’t like, then they will simple seek to destroy you. Now they may say they aren’t stifling free speech, but they are most definitely using their platforms to pressure their targets to rescind their words, or to punish them to set an example against others that seek to speak freely as well. They can’t pass a law to stop free speech, but they can use their platforms to pressure you into shutting up.

And that’s what Metal sites like Metal Injection do. They act as either an ideological firewall that does not promote lesser known bands if they don’t yet have a large following, of if you do and have a national/international following they will seek to end your career by trying to brand you a bigot. And remember, the sjw creed is “Think as I do or you’re a racist, bigot, homophobe”.

They do this to Megadeth all the time. Why? Because Dave Mustaine’s a Christian, and Metal Injection is primarily run by an anti-Christian bigot we endearingly refer to as SlothShrek.

But his real name is Robert Pasbani, and he is an enemy of everything that Metal stands for.

But this is simply a primer of more stuff to come on Slothshrek and his ideological cohorts, it’s not the basis of this article. This writeup is simply a celebration on how you fight the anti-free speech social justice warriors like SlothShrek through the example that Tom Araya recently showed.

You’ve probably heard of all the nonsensical child-like crying of the snowflakes like SlothShrek, who instead of taking the post for what it was, a joke post, decided to instead use the occasion to ridicule Tom Araya as a conspiracy theorist after he reposted it. Why? Because it involved Trump and there’s nothing that infuriates sjw’s more than World Emperor Trump! #MAGA

But the beauty of the whole thing is that Tom Araya did exactly what I point out in my 5 rules of sjw’s, and that’s point #5. You own your words, you double down, and you punch back twice as hard, and you DON’T apologize. And the best part is that he didn’t respond to the liberal Metal media’s attacks, he simple moved forward.

So it was a thing of beauty that Tom Araya reposted the image that triggered the snowflakes. It created even more respect for a man that reached legendary status long ago.

Thank you Tom Araya.

Mucho mas to come about Metal’s sjw’s.
—Carlos the Mexican king of all Metal