Megadeth Will Hit the Studio, Late 2017

From one extreme to another, Dave Mustaine has recently proclaimed that Megadeth will be headed to the studio late this year to work on their 16th record. 16, that’s not a typo. Tool fans be damned. Dystopia still has that new-car scent, and the band is ready to write again.

Mustaine, who is tough to pry a compliment out of, gushed over Dirk’s skills and what they could mean to the new writing process. Said Dave in his interview with No Brown M&Ms,

‘As good as [Chris] Adler was, Dirk’s feet are more advanced and I didn’t think that was possible because Chris is such a great drummer. There’s a reason why Chris recommended Dirk. I love him for that, he’s a really solid friend for making that recommendation. A lot of guys wouldn’t do that, but he’s a true friend. [Dirk] is one of the most pleasant, easy to get along with guys I’ve ever met in my life … I’ve never, ever, ever seen him not smile.’


The thought of Dave, Dave, and Kiko shredding to a blast beat has me losing my mind. Rest assured, we will cover every inch of this story as it unfolds.

Ben Borcher

Ben Borcher

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Ben Borcher