Megadeth – Rust In Peace : Must Own Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums

Artist : Megadeth

Album : Rust In Peace 

Released : September 24, 1990

M.M. Album Rating : 5/5 (One Of The Holy Grails Of Heavy Metal Music) 

Dave Mustaine 

Marty Friedman

Junior Ellefson

Nick Menza 

When Dave Mustaine began working on the fourth Megadeth record he was clean and sober for the first time in years. The only problem was he didn’t have a full band. He had found a new drummer in Nick Menza, but finding a guitar player would be much more difficult. At one point many people close to Dave thought that Slash would join, who at the time was clashing with Axl Rose, but would end up staying in Guns N’ Roses. Then Darrell Abbott from Pantera was considered, but said he would only consider joining if his brother Vinnie Paul was included, so that wouldn’t work either. Finally at the last minute Mustaine would hire the great guitar player Marty Friedman, who would end up being the perfect choice.  

What would be evident from the very start was even though technically this was a new band, they would fire on all cylinders almost immediately. Mustaine himself was hitting his creative peak. Now that drugs and alcohol were no longer a problem for him personally, and realizing he could still write first rate material his confidence was at an all time high. And with both Nick and Marty complimenting his writing (though they weren’t credited for contractual reasons. Not cool btw,) it would prove to be the most fruitful recording sessions of the band’s career. 

Once the album Rust In Peace was released, it was evident that Mustaine was no longer in Metallica’s shadow. As a matter of fact, most Metallica fans have been waiting for them to make a record like this since Master Of Puppets came out. When the album was released, Dave actually thought it was strong enough to overtake Metallica’s popularity. Well obviously that wouldn’t be the case, especially since The Black Album was just a few months away, and would turn Metallica along with Guns N’ Roses as the biggest bands of the time. 

Over the years however Rust In Peace has aged much better than The Black Album, and from start to finish is a much better album. What truly is amazing was even though this was the first record of this lineup of the band, they sounded they had been together for years. This rocks so hard, and so fast that it could shatter windows with the right sound system. And proved that Dave Mustaine was as great and talented as he originally said he was when Metallica let him go. Rust In Peace is the perfect Metal record in every way.. 

Track listing: 

Side One 

1) Holy Wars… The Punishment Due 

2) Hangar 18 

3) Take No Prisoners 

4)Five Magics 

Side Two 

5) Poison Was the Cure 

6) Lucretia 

7) Tornado of Souls 

8. Dawn Patrol 

9) Rust in Peace… Polaris

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Jesse Vejar

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